CHICAGO, July 23, 2010 - Cost management and virtualization top the list of enterprise IT concerns, according to the SHARE survey that will be released at SHARE’s bi-annual conference, SHARE in Boston, August 1-5.

SHARE conducted the survey of more than 160 of IBM’s top customers to review the current state of enterprise IT in terms of where companies are putting the most resources and focus. Results of the study provide industry analysis to help SHARE better shape its programs and events for the greater member - and enterprise IT- community. The information also provides valuable insights to IBM and ISVs (independent software vendors) about issues that concern their customers the most. The survey was conducted during June and July 2010.

“Companies were asked to rank their top 5 concerns, and cost management, especially when it comes to cost reduction and avoidance, continues to be top of mind for these companies,” said Al Williams, the President of SHARE. “The survey reinforces why one of the themes for SHARE in Boston - How to Empower Your Bottom Line - is so important. It’s not enough to just cut costs - the successful enterprise IT professional knows there is a need to demonstrate IT’s value and how it can provide a competitive advantage every day.”

Virtualization ranked as the second biggest concern, with server virtualization the primary focus, followed by storage virtualization and then network virtualization. Cloud computing, another theme for SHARE in Boston, ranked seventh, with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) identified as the most prominent focus in the cloud, followed by Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS).

Following cost management, the SHARE survey ranked the rest of the top issues in this order:

. Virtualization
. Improving IT’s value and deriving competitive advantage from IT
. Enterprise security
. The aging and demographics of current IT staffs
. Business continuity planning
. Cloud computing
. Regulatory compliance
. Reinvigorating/repurposing the mainframe
. Data center energy management

More than 600 technical sessions at SHARE in Boston at the Hynes Convention Center, August 1-5, are focused on the 2010 conference themes - Enterprise Virtualization, Cloud Computing, and How to Empower Your Bottom Line. SHARE conferences provide enterprise IT professionals with the latest information and newest innovations in the marketplace. SHARE in Boston attendees at the Hynes Convention Center will meet enterprise IT experts, learn about the latest developments and solutions in the industry, and build relationships with peers experiencing similar challenges.

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SHARE is an independent, volunteer-run association providing IBM customers with user-focused education, professional networking and a forum to influence the information technology industry. Since 1955, SHARE has enabled IT professionals to achieve business results through a combination of credible, relevant programs and peer opportunities. SHARE currently counts more than 2,100 organizations among its active member ranks.

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CHICAGO, July 22, 2010 – SHARE announced today that Karl Freund, IBM’s Vice President of
System z Marketing and Strategy, will address IBM’s new zEnterprise System in his System z
keynote presentation at SHARE in Boston. The conference will be held at the Hynes Convention
Center in Boston August 1-5. Freund’s keynote address will begin at 9:30 a.m. EDT on Monday,
August 2nd…

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DETROIT--July 20, 2010--Compuware Corporation (NASDAQ: CPWR) today announced a new modernized open development environment for managing mainframe application development. Compuware’s innovative new approach gives customers the ability to increase productivity, reduce costs and address challenges brought about by the retiring mainframe workforce.

The new intuitive Compuware Workbench provides an Eclipse-based graphical user interface (GUI), a common framework and single-launch point to initiate Compuware’s mainframe products with the capability to launch other mainframe and distributed products.

Mainframe Development Productivity

The difficult economy has caused many IT organizations to reduce their staff and put new projects on hold due to funding constraints. The Compuware Workbench helps organizations get the most from their limited funding by increasing the output of their existing workforce. The inherent productivity gains realized when using a GUI environment coupled with the tighter product integration offered in the new Compuware Workbench significantly minimizes the time it takes to complete individual tasks, increasing IT’s overall efficiency.

“IT organizations are constantly faced with two challenges – delivering on their commitments to the business while, at the same time, holding down costs,” said Rose Rowe, Vice President, Mainframe Strategy, Compuware. “By increasing productivity, IT organizations can address both of these demands. They can deliver revenue-generating projects on time and meet their service level agreements without having to add headcount.”

Retiring Workforce Challenges

“Workers who chose IT as a profession during the past 20 years have completely different sets of skills, and use different languages and application architectures,” said Dale Vecchio, Gartner (1) . “Consequently, the pending retirement of the baby boomer generation will have a significant impact on continuing to operate many of the legacy systems that focus on running the business.”

As the baby boomer generation looks ahead to retirement, IT organizations face the recruiting and training of potential new programmers. The next generation of programmers, who grew up with digital technologies, have not had experience with the traditional “green screen” (TSO/ISPF) interface. This means that these new programmers would not only have to be trained to understand the applications they will support, but would also be faced with having to learn to support these applications in an outdated character-based development environment. Providing them with this modernized, point-and-click option significantly reduces the time associated with what would otherwise be a costly learning curve.

Compuware continues to enable and support the needs of IT’s more experienced developers by offering the choice of either a green screen or GUI environment, giving them the option of using whichever platform best suits their individual needs.

The initial release of the Compuware Workbench is scheduled for August of this year. Learn more about the Compuware Workbench at

Compuware Corporation

Founded in 1973, Compuware provides software, experts and best practices to ensure applications work well and deliver business value. Compuware solutions optimize application performance across the Enterprise and the Internet for leading organizations around the world, including 46 of the top 50 Fortune 500 companies and 12 of the top 20 most visited U.S. web sites. Learn more at:

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(1) Gartner, Key Issues for IT Modernization, 2009, April 27, 2009


Press Contact

Sean M. Patrick, Communication Analyst, Compuware Communications and Investor Relations,, 313-227-5594

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Compuware Corporation, One Campus Martius, Detroit, MI 48226, 800-521-9353,

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