ZUG, Switzerland, August 31, 2010 – Wasserwerke Zug (WWZ), a major utility provider in central Switzerland, dramatically improved customer support by leveraging BMC Software’s (NASDAQ: BMC) BMC Remedy Service Desk solution in its telecommunications division.
The Swiss telecom market is fiercely competitive, making strong customer service critical to success. WWZ’s legacy IT infrastructure had reached its performance limit and was impacting customer service. Its aging ticketing system could not meet growing requirements.
The implementation of BMC Remedy Service Desk, led by BMC partner IT Concepts, improved support for WWZ’s customers and its employees running the company’s central customer service center. The WWZ telecom division identified BMC as the direct cause of its improved service quality, which has enhanced the company’s competitive advantage.
“Our support organization continued to expand as a result of ever-growing demand,” said René Bühler, head of IT services at WWZ. “We came to a point where we had to have suitable processes to ensure that relevant information reached our customers consistently and quickly. Knowledge is only current for a very short time, so we also needed a technical tool to provide us with effective support in our daily operations.”
In addition to the BMC Remedy support function, WWZ began to evaluate its customer relationship management (CRM) application and drew up clearly defined requirements for a new solution. BMC’s Business Service Management (BSM) approach and support from BMC’s partner, IT Concepts, met these specifications, which incorporated ITIL® best practices. The CRM solution can now forward all telecom queries to the BMC Remedy Service Desk platform, automating queries and offering quick and efficient solutions to customers.
“The cooperation with IT Concepts has worked really well, and BMC Remedy Service Desk has met our production expectations so far,” said Bühler. “It has helped us achieve our main goal, which is to be able to provide even better service to our customers.”   
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NAPLES, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ASG Software Solutions, a worldwide leader in business solutions for global enterprises, today announced general availability of ASG-Zena™ 3.0, the latest version of ASG’s flagship distributed workload automation solution. ASG-Zena 3.0 offers robust scheduling and complete workload automation capabilities across both physical and virtual server environments…

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Los Angeles, CA -- 26 Aug 2010: Phoenix Software International today announced the release of Version 4, Release 8.0, of (E)JES, its z/OS JES2 and JES3 interactive spool browse and system management product. The new release will be generally available on September 24, 2010.

Among its many significant enhancements, this release introduces the (E)JES Java Application Programming Interface (API), which complements the existing APIs for REXX and for procedural languages such as Assembler and C. The (E)JES Java API and supporting classes provide unauthorized-program access from the Java language to the programming resources available through the (E)JES API. Execution will be eligible for zAAP or zAAP-on-zIIP redirection when the Java code is running and zIIP redirection when the core (E)JES functions are running.

“Java has become a popular programming language on the mainframe,” said Phoenix Software Chief Technology Officer Ed Jaffe. “We’re pleased that we can now offer Java programmers the same powerful programming capabilities that are already available through our other APIs. With all of the enhancements in this release, we are again helping our customers be more productive, cut costs, and leverage the latest z/OS technologies.”

Phoenix Software International, Inc. ( is a major systems software development company providing software solutions to enterprises around the world. Phoenix offers a wide range of products for IBM and compatible mainframes as well as Windows- and Web-based workstation platforms.

CONTACT: Amy Gilbert, Phoenix Software International, (310) 338-0400, (NOTE: do not publish contact info)

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Court Moves Up Neon v IBM Antitrust Case — The Texas district court that will hear Neon Enterprise Software’s antitrust suit against IBM for monopolizing the mainframe market – an issue that has both the European Commission and the Justice Department investigating Big Blue – was looking over its calendar the other day and – lo and behold – sua sponte found an opening and moved the trial up nine months to next June 6. Neon, whose lights must be twinkling about now, had wanted to get into court early next year. The court’s move pretty much gives it what it wanted. The tighter schedule should make the pricey process cheaper for the little Texas ISV and give IBM less scope for displaying its entire repertoire of lawyer tricks…

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