InfoSec, Inc. and DG Technology Consulting are pleased to announce their partnership in the development and sales of a new mainframe-based technology solution designed to help customers leverage their mainframe investment. This solution, called the Mainframe Event Acquisition System (MEAS) is targeted for release in the first quarter of 2011 and is designed to help clients collect, in real-time, information pertaining to security events, database related events, transaction processing events and more.

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HOUSTON, December 9, 2010 – Further expanding the Business Service Management (BSM) platform of simplifying IT, reducing customer costs and enabling IT to respond adeptly to the needs and priorities of the business, BMC Software (NASDAQ: BMC) today announced that its popular BMC Control-M workload automation solution has new capabilities for Informatica and SAP BusinessObjects, ensuring that users can leverage business intelligence solutions to access the information they need, when they need it…

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ATLANTA – December 7, 2010 – GT Software, a global provider of mainframe integration solutions, today announced that the company’s flagship product, Ivory Service Architect, has released version 4.3 that adds the REST architecture as a new interface option.

RESTful interfaces, those that conform to the Representational State Transfer client-server architecture, are gaining momentum as an alternative to SOAP-based web services because they require less development and runtime overhead delivering ease-of-use and better performance versus SOAP-based implementations.

Ivory Service Architect consists of Ivory Studio, a graphical modeling environment; Ivory Server, a high-performance service processor with runtime service orchestration; and Ivory Server for Batch. It delivers an unprecedented array of mainframe cost-saving options that provide true application agility for mainframe integration and SOA.

The automatic generation of the REST interface represents the continuing extension of Ivory's flexibility and robustness.  GT Software’s Ivory now offers the first RESTful services support for IBM IMS systems.

“Although SOAP can be powerful, it is a protocol that some people consider a bit heavy or verbose for certain applications. REST is gaining industry momentum as a simpler, more straightforward way to access web-based services,” said Rob Morris, chief strategy officer, GT Software. “As a proven and widely adopted architecture, REST further enhances Ivory’s risk avoidance and flexibility, making Ivory the perfect fit as the most cost effective mainframe integration tool on the market today.”

Without requiring any changes to the service definition, Ivory supports the deployment of mainframe-based SOAP or RESTful Web services across z/VSE, z/OS, CICS, IMS, Windows, and Linux. Key benefits of this ubiquitous platform support include the ability to shift integration and SOA-related workload off the mainframe, as well as leveraging new mainframe MIPS-reducing hardware such as IFL processors with zLinux, and the exploitation of the zIIP and zAAP.

“RESTful services are supported by most prevalent development languages and frameworks,” Morris added. “For example, Ivory’s REST support enables mainframe-based services to quickly and easily participate in AJAX solutions delivering a full browser-based user interface against mainframe applications without any coding. It’s a perfect marriage of cost-effective technologies to quickly deliver modern solutions leveraging mainframe investments.”

Ivory Service Architect 4.3 is available immediately with pricing starting at $10,000.

About GT Software
GT Software is a leading global provider of proven, cost-effective mainframe integration and data access solutions that enable companies to maximize the value of their technology investments without significantly increasing costs. With GT Software’s products, mainframe developers can quickly and easily model, automate, and extend mainframe processes for deployment as key components of an enterprise SOA solution. With more than 2,000 installations worldwide, GT Software provides high-quality, innovative and cost-effective solutions for many FORTUNE 1000 companies.

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