September/October 2014
September/October 2014

Compuware recently named Chris O’Malley as its new president of Mainframe Operations and has charged him with guiding the separation of that unit as a fully independent business. Enterprise Executive met with O’Malley—who led the transformation of CA’s mainframe business and most recently was CEO of VelociData, a start-up delivering data transformation solutions for connecting mainframes to Hadoop environments—to discuss his vision for the mainframe’s future and his plan for growing Compuware’s mainframe business as an independent company.

Enterprise Executive: Why would you…

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Table of Contents

  • Business Perspective: Purple People and Green People
  • Compuware’s Chris O’Malley Shares His Vision of “Mainframe’s Next 50 Years”
  • Enterprise Networks: A Single Vendor: a.k.a., “One Throat To Choke”
  • Enterprise Systems Automation: Is There an App for That?
  • Low-Cost Strategies to Retain High-Demand Tech Talent
  • Making the Case for True End-to-End Host Managed QoS
  • The Data Storm and Hadoop: An Introduction
  • Transforming IT From Strategic Liability To Strategic Asset
  • Why SDN: Why Right Away? A Workload View
  • Workforce Insight: Three Quick Steps to Prepare for a Transitioning Workforce