October/November 2012
October/November 2012
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Digital Edition: October/November 2012

Cover Story

The New IBM zEnterprise EC12: It’s All About Workload Optimization

Approximately every two years, IBM introduces a new generation of its mainframe architecture—the System z—and August 2012 marked two years since IBM introduced its mainframe z196 and zEnterprise hybrid architectures. The new mainframe has been dubbed the zEnterprise EC12 (zEC12), and it’s clearly focused on running workloads faster than ever before while extending IBM mainframe strength in reliability, availability, and security.  

From a strategic perspective, it’s clear the zEC12 is being positioned as a highly scalable, enterprise-strength, variable workload processing machine. The mainframe’s strength in the…

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Table of Contents

  • The New IBM zEnterprise EC12: It’s All About Workload Optimization
  • Performance Troubleshooting Using the RMF Device Activity Report
  • Rational Developer for z/OS: A New Paradigm for Mainframe Development
  • Linux on System z: Upcoming Installer and Boot Changes for RHEL
  • z/OSMF Simplifies System Management
  • AFP Generation From a Web Interface
  • Smart Mainframe Backup Strategies and Recovery Processes
  • Data Perspectives:  What Can You Do to Avoid DB2 Locking Problems?
  • IT Management:  Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Mainframe Investment?
  • 10 More Ways to Improve RACF Performance
  • Vendor Watch:  System z: The Platform That Just Keeps Evolving
  • Speeding Up Your Mainframe: Easier Said Than Done
  • IT Sense: Friction and Lubricity
  • CICS Explorer for z/VSE Eases CICS Transaction Server Monitoring Challenges
  • Technical Insights: Use Backup and Recovery Tools to Support Day-to-Day Operations
  • Accessing Big Data in a Multi-Platform Environment
  • System z Security Equals Vigilance
  • Pete Clark on z/VSE: z/VSE Wish List
  • Mainframe Security: Security for Tape Data Sets
  • Planning Your Upgrade to DB2 10 for z/OS
  • CICS 101: CICS Resources and Tables