Storage will become increasingly important in mainframe shops, especially as they carve out a role in virtualized, private clouds, and August will go down as a hot month for mainframe storage.  EMC kicked off August by announcing a new virtual tape library for IBM z/OS environments followed a few days later by announcing new virtual storage capabilities for its Symmetrix VMAX for z/VM environments…

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Guest Author: Marcel Hartog

Sounds like a movie title doesn’t it: “Us” against “Them”. The Enlightened Ones versus The Dark Side. People often say that nothing unites better than having a common enemy. Well, it did. The mainframers I know sometimes still “misunderstand” each other, but on a general level, we are now one team. But old habits seem to die hard, and it is still pretty popular to talk about “them”, “the other side”, “the Nintendo folks” and other, less flattering terms when we talk about our distributed colleagues…

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Guest Author: Rob Enderle, Enderle Group

This week was IBM’s introduction of their newest Mainframe computer. This model, the zEnterprise 114 is targeted at the midmarket. In listening to the briefing it became increasingly clear that IBM was taking advantage of the opportunity that Oracle had created in the market by buying Sun. This had me conclude that Oracle was actually helping IBM revitalize the mainframe market, and given IBM is the only vendor still in that market, that makes for an interesting present from Oracle. …

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IBM introduced its newest mainframe in the zEnterprise family, the z114, the zEnterprise equivalent of a z10 BC. With the z114 IBM can now deliver a more compelling total cost of acquisition (TCA) case. The z114 comes with a $75,000 entry price, 25% less than the z10 BC entry price while delivering 18% more performance per core. At this price, it can begin to compete with commodity high end servers on a TCA basis, especially if it is bundled with discount programs like IBM’s System z Solution Editions and unpublicized deals fromIBMGlobal Finance…

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Guest Author: Alan Wynne

I am a great fan of the mainframe, however I throw my hands up in despair when I think of some of the limitations that the old architecture still has in force today that I don't believe should be there.

When am I going to be able to edit files directly on the mainframe without being limited to 48X80 screen sizes? When am I going to be able to cut and past large blocks of data (more than 48 lines at a time) into a file on the mainframe with the mainframe being able to accept it as seamlessly as if I did it in a text editor on the PC? And, when am I going to be able to do this and cut and paste from a PC into a mainframe file or from a mainframe file back onto the PC without having to FTP files back and forth? When am I going to be able to do this without expensive third-party products, but as part of the basic building blocks of a mainframe system?

When is IBM going to upgrade its standard 3270 interface into a much better, flexible GUI interface without the 3270 limitations? (Please don't talk about IBM's useless 3270 ISPF workstation GUI that just tries to put a GUI onto ISPF and fails hopelessly at it.)

What we need is a PC front-end that does just about everything ISPF does but on the PC with PC usability and flexibility without any of the 3270 limitations, but provides functionality on the mainframe such as submitting jobs, browsing job queues, editing files, copying files, etc., without the 3270 restrictions.

When all of this is in place, younger people will be keen to take on the mainframe as their existing PC skills will be transportable to the mainframe…

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Yesterday, CA Technologies announced its next wave of Mainframe 2.0 solutions to help customers reduce costs, simplify management, and increase operational efficiency.
According to Dayton Semerjian, the general manager of the mainframe business unit at CA Technologies, "Lowering the total cost of computing is a priority for all IT organizations. The latest Mainframe 2.0 products and programs help them achieve that goal on the Mainframe by simplifying management, exploiting specialty processors and delivering services that drive operational efficiencies.”
You can read the CA Technologies press release here at:

Mainframe vendors across the board are continuously working to help companies get the most from their IT investment while reducing costs, and we salute these efforts…

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