IT Management

An Innovative, Proven, and Fully Integrated Software Change Management Solution

Trying to compete in today’s competitive market with an unstable computing environment is expensive and will certainly lead to business failure. While an unstable computing environment can have its roots in multiple areas of the IT department, the most likely cause of such instability is the inefficient use of standardized methods and procedures for making changes to applications. To minimize the risk of introducing damaging changes, each and every application alteration must be made in a tightly controlled manner. Over the years, change management solutions have greatly aided the use of standardized methods and procedures to maintain a stable computing environment.

One well-known Software Change Management solution (SCM) is ChangeMan ZMF from Serena Software. ChangeMan ZMF is an innovative solution providing ease-of-use, cost savings, risk management, and support for today’s modernized development practices in an established product that has been continuously improved for the last 27 years.

Innovation, Ease-of-Use Deliver Cost Savings

Constant innovation in a change management product is important to stay abreast with today’s modernized mainframe development and computing environment. The new 7.1 release of ChangeMan ZMF delivers its innovation through new features that include:

• Complete lifecycle management support for Java

• HFS/zFS file system support

• Additional support for Rational Developer for System z.

ChangeMan ZMF makes it easy in a variety of ways to efficiently manage your software change environment. To easily begin using ChangeMan ZMF, Serena will move everything for you from your old system to ChangeMan ZMF, including code, dependencies, change histories, and compile/ link options used when the application was last created. Once the migration to ChangeMan ZMF has been completed, you will be able to see where you have issues that previously couldn’t be located. You’ll also be able to see exactly what was done during the migration, since ChangeMan ZMF uses ISPF and other facilities native to z/OS.

Developers will find it pleasingly easy to use ChangeMan ZMF. Standard ISPF, Job Control Language (JCL), File Tailoring Services, and REXX are used. Load modules and compressed listings are stored in standard libraries that developers already know how to use. The JCL necessary to deploy an application once developers have finished it is automatically created, ensuring the change control team receives the right code delivered to the right place in the right format each time.

Minimize Risk

Risk management is a critical component of change management and ChangeMan ZMF excels at minimizing it. Keeping application code in sync is ensured through support for concurrent and parallel development. Regressions are prevented through comprehensive audit capabilities that also make impact analysis easy to perform. Sometimes it’s necessary to reverse a change and return the application to its previous stable form. In this situation, the tracking of every change by ChangeMan ZMF at the most granular level makes it possible to back out copybooks, source code, DB2 components, and other items to return your production environment to a stable point while you pursue correcting the problem with the implemented change.

Modernized Development

Since most companies use modern development practices, it’s important to use a modernized software change management system that keeps pace. Whether you need support for XML, Eclipse, Java, distributed SCM systems, a move to service- oriented architecture, or many others, ChangeMan ZMF has it covered. In fact, ChangeMan ZMF can connect to just about any system since the product includes more than 300 Web services.

Continuing Excellence

There’s no doubt the mainframe will be around for many decades to come as the key computing workhorse for running most companies’ mission-critical applications. ChangeMan ZMF is a proven product that has evolved for more than 25 years to meet the challenges of managing mission- critical application changes and is sure to be around for that many more years. Z .