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z990 Opportunities

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VLANs can be used for LPAR-to- LPAR communication and also with z/VM guests and z990 Integrated Facility for Linux (IFL). Linux applications can access data stored on z/OS at memory speed without any network latency. This reduces complexity and greatly simplifies management of mixed operating systems that can be run on a single z990 or Parallel Sysplex. 


Software pricing can be an obstacle to consolidation. IBM’s Workload License Charges (WLCs) should help with the IBM portion of the software bill. Recall that variable WLCs are based on the Maximum Simultaneous Four-Hour Rolling Average (S4HRA) [see my article in the Feb./March 2003 issue of z/Journal for additional information]. It is unlikely that both machines would have the exact same S4HRA. The result is that as you consolidate machines, the S4HRA decreases. The more “offset” the workloads are, the greater the potential savings.

Consider the following simplified example with two z900 machines:

  • A 2064-110 with three LPARs, and the S4HRA for z/OS, CICS, and DB2 is 300 MSUs on April 15 at 1 p.m.
  • A 2064-115 with four LPARs, and the peak S4HRA for z/OS and DB2 is 412 MSUs on April 18 at 3 p.m. IMS is also on the machine, and its S4HRA is 215 MSUs on April 4 at 11 a.m.

The Variable WLC software charges are $253,109 as shown in Figure 2.

When these two workloads are moved to a single z990, the new S4HRA is only 650 MSUs, less than the 712 MSUs shown in Figure 2 when the machines were separate. The Variable WLC charge is now $245,297 — for April 2003, the savings is $7,812. How much would the savings be for a year? That depends on how the S4HRA changes month to month.

The effect of combining multiple LPARs greatly lowers the S4HRA. The WLC example applies equally well if you have the opportunity to combine small z900s or 9672s onto the larger z900 machines. Any flat WLC products that are on the two machines would also only be charged for one machine, thus providing further savings (see Figure 3).


The z990 has the processing capability, I/O bandwidth, and networking flexibility to provide opportunities for consolidation and application deployment. For the IBM portion of your software charges, Variable WLC should provide savings. However, you need to work with your other software vendors regarding their pricing strategies. These examples have shown that the z990 and the accompanying new features and functions do provide opportunities and have the potential to reduce your software charges. Z

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