Operating Systems

Tiburon: We haven’t begun to experiment with that yet, but plan to do so.

JM: How about physical security? It would seem to be a tempting target for a thief. Is it locked in a case or sitting out in the open?

Tiburon: Yes, it would be all too easy to steal. We do a secure lockup nightly.

JM: How well does third-party software, such as from CA, play on the laptop? What kind of licensing do you get from a third-party ISV for z/OS on a laptop?

Tiburon: All third-party software works the same without changes. CA initially had some difficulty developing a CPU ID key for the LMP keys because they never had a ThinkPad for “mainframe-equivalent” before. We eventually got it sorted out. Our systems database administrator read the hex values and saw what the software was looking for in the CA-IDMS install. We told CA and they easily created this in a table to generate new keys.

JM: Could you summarize the benefits the new z/OS environment will provide you as a business? How has IBM been as far as assisting you in the configuration, setup and rollout? Will maintenance be an issue?

Tiburon: It’s easy to maintain. It requires much less physical space to operate compared to the IS/390. It’s easy to transport and have available for onsite seminars and trade show demos. IBM, Cornerstone, and Computer Associates support has been excellent. Everything came exactly as promised and has worked with no problems from the moment we received it.

A Boon to Clients

Tiburon has found this z/OS on a laptop environment an indispensable part of its integration and consulting business. Without it, they wouldn’t have been able to take on several projects during the last six months.

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