Operating Systems

Tiburon: We use an IBM T41 ThinkPad, 32 to 36 MIPS equivalent, single processor, internal hard drive, no external storage, no SAN, and normal power outlet (see the sidebar).

JM: How much “hands-on” care and feeding does the laptop require? When system administrators are installing a new release or an OS upgrade, do they have to be present in front of the laptop or can they access it remotely? Where is the operator console located?

Tiburon: It’s easy to start up, shut down, and maintain. We do all installs and upgrades remotely. No other care has been required. It’s much like any laptop you use for daily work. The operator console is on the laptop itself, right here in Ohio.

JM: Without revealing anything confidential, approximately how much does the whole deal cost? Is it a lease? How about software licensing? By group? Some kind of package deal?

Tiburon: Cornerstone offers many financing options, including purchase, lease, and financing. Software is licensed by IBM and can be purchased as single products or a package. The most likely scenario is a package suited to meet individual customer needs.

JM: Is there any way to compare the z/OS on a laptop to a real mainframe in terms of MIPS or processor speed? If so, what would be a valid equivalent?

Tiburon: We can’t even tell the difference, as this is equivalent to 32 to 36 MIPS. That’s pretty powerful for such a little box, especially when compared to the IS/390 we replaced.

JM: How are you using it, aside from development? Is it used for training, or as a test bed for client integration products?

Tiburon: All of the above!

JM: How well does it integrate with Microsoft software and your existing Pentium-based servers?

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