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z/Bottom Line: Keeping Up With the YUMPIES

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We are a vocal community when it comes to verbalizing impending danger to our industry. Over the years we’ve hashed out and solved (at least in our minds) the problems of the mainframe world. We’ve most recently been very concerned with the “geriatric” state of our workforce. The very caretakers of the important mainframes are indeed graying, retiring or otherwise leaving, potentially creating a vacuum of human talent to run our magnificent mainframe data centers. We in the industry called for it, and IBM responded by creating an inspired program to cultivate young talent, called the IBM Academic Initiative System z program ( products/zseries/). This program even features a series of contests with prizes appealing to these younger recruits, including an iPod Nano, a Sony Playstation, even a trip to the IBM Mainframe Lab (was that first or last prize?)—no kidding ( contests/mainframecontest.html)! You can learn more about IBM’s Academic Initiative by reading Mike Todd’s article in this issue titled “Students Compete to Master the Mainframe.”

As part of the contest, IBM even encouraged the artsy side of these wannabe-mainframers with a haiku contest. Here are some of the responses collected:

The wind blows softly

Through the leaves of autumn. wait,

That’s just the mainframe

—Van Landrum, U. of South Alabama 

Life on a mainframe

Is the life I want for me

Share my C.P.U.

—Jeffrey Painter, NC State

3 Pages