On January 13th IBM unveiled its new mainframe, the z13. IBM's z Systems mainframe and its world-leading reliability, availability and scalability—coupled with its security and virtualization capabilities—are needed more than ever as mobile applications take over as the most prominent and important corporate workload. Today’s corporations are embracing mobile workloads that grow at a much greater year-over-year rate and have more dynamic processing peak requirements when compared to traditional applications. IBM's new z13 mainframe meets these challenging requirements by improving capacity for a single mainframe by 40 percent, increasing support to 8,000 virtual machines, increasing memory capacity up to 10 TB and providing doubly fast encryption for end-to-end protected mobile, cloud, and analytic workloads. 

Incorporating and exploiting over 500 patents, the new IBM z13 mainframe can handle the most dynamic and demanding workload requirements. With the new IBM z13 mainframe announcement, IBM made special note of new processor and memory pricing, taking aim at critics that say mainframe memory costs are too high.
There is a huge amount of information on the new z13 mainframe.

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