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WebSphere MQ Monitoring and Alerting: A Review

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A monitoring and alerting system is meant to provide notification of potential problems before they become catastrophic. A standard, consistent approach is required for monitoring WebSphere MQ (WMQ) for z/OS and alerting on potentially damaging events. For this to occur, the following questions must be answered:

-        What objects are at risk?

-        What are the failure scenarios?

-        How is a failure occurrence identified?

-        How can a failure occurrence be reported?

An effective monitoring and alerting system should also meet these criteria:

-        Be reliable

-        Not generate false alerts

-        Notify, on a timely basis, the people who can resolve the problem. 

Answering those questions and the additional questions they create, and designing and building a system that meets the above criteria will provide a full plan to monitor and alert. While this article is directed at the z/OS environment, the concepts are universally applicable.

5 Pages