Watson & Walker, publisher of Cheryl Watson's Tuning Letter, and one of the best-known and respected z/OS performance and measurement advisory groups in the world, is pleased to announce a new Service Offering to help mainframe customers manage their software costs and contracts.

Software typically accounts for 30 percent or more of an IT department's mainframe costs. To facilitate the deployment of new applications and workloads on z/OS, IBM offers an array of over 20 software pricing options that can offer sizeable discounts for selected workloads. While these enable z/OS to compete on a level playing field for the deployment of new applications, identifying the optimal combination of options requires very specialized skills.

In addition to the multiple pricing options, there are many functions and features that customers can deploy that reduce the amount of capacity required to complete a given piece of work. Many of these are included in the software or hardware, but must be explicitly enabled. Others are chargeable features that, in some situations, can deliver savings that significantly outweigh their cost. The challenge in all these cases is to accurately determine the cost/benefit analysis of each of these functions.

The modern hyper-competitive business climate dictates that all companies must maximize their revenue. As a result, software audits are becoming far more common than was traditionally the case. These audits can run for many months, consuming valuable resources, and potentially resulting in six or seven-figure penalties.

Watson & Walker's new SCRTPro offering is specifically designed to help customers take back control of their mainframe software costs and contracts. Watson & Walker’s team will review system usage every month, accurately projecting monthly bills before usage information is submitted to the vendor. They will also provide clear reports that pull all the billing information into one place, enabling new insights into software costs. 

The service includes "what if" support, allowing customers to accurately price various scenarios before making strategic decisions. It also provides the ability to store all software contracts, addendums, correspondence, and related documentation in a central repository, with hotlinks from a software inventory—vital information in case of an audit. Most importantly, the service provides clients with access to a team of mainframe software pricing experts and a pool of experience and knowledge from multiple customers. 

About Watson & Walker

Watson & Walker was founded in 1986 by Cheryl Watson and Tom Walker. Cheryl is an industry icon, known for her enthusiasm, vast experience, integrity, and her impartiality. The Watson & Walker brand is synonymous with technical expertise, and a passion to exceed their customer's expectations. Prior to founding Watson & Walker, Cheryl worked in customer organizations, outsourcers and software vendors. Customers around the world have relied on Cheryl Watson's Tuning Letter since 1991. In addition to the Tuning Letter, Watson & Walker also have two software products and offer education and consulting in the areas of mainframe performance, high availability and software pricing.

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