Mainframe professionals know that accessing data stored on multiple systems across multiple platforms can drain an organization’s resources. Workflow efficiency can be compromised and costs can easily spiral out of control. Plus, manual data handling processes, multiple host connections, and access by unauthorized users pose potentially critical security risks.

Attachmate offers a solution to those challenges—one that combines the benefits of Microsoft Windows Vista enterprise technology with its own world-class terminal emulation offerings.

Attachmate’s EXTRA! X-treme v9 (introduced last November) and Reflection for IBM 2007 (available in May) give Windows users easy access to vital information on IBM System z and iSeries systems. These solutions also offer market-leading features that increase user productivity, strengthen mainframe security, and support key technologies.

Perhaps most impressive is the fact that Attachmate’s offerings are unique to the marketplace. The company is currently the only secure host access vendor to offer System z terminal emulation solutions that are certified for Microsoft Windows Vista and optimized for Office 2007, with full support for Windows XP and Office 2003.

Reflection 2007 has been architected to enable any enterprise to improve its performance and security—and that includes new IT customers as well as the millions of users currently running Reflection, EXTRA! and INFOConnect.

Reflection 2007 Key Features and Benefits

  • Advanced security for crucial mainframe assets: Reflection 2007 secures an enterprise’s valuable mainframe assets each and every time a user accesses legacy host data. Powerful security options include cryptographic modules that meet FIPS 140-2 and DoD Class 3 PKI requirements. Reflection 2007 also offers robust support for SSL/TLS, SSH, Kerberos, and SOCKS security protocols.
  • A simple, seamless upgrade path: Whether upgrading from EXTRA!, Reflection or INFOConnect, all macros, keyboard maps, session files, and customizations will work as expected within Reflection 2007.
  • Improved user productivity: In addition to the familiar “classic” interface, Reflection 2007 supports the new and more intuitive Office 2007 “ribbon” interface—allowing Reflection users or administrators to select the environment they prefer. To drive user efficiency, Spell Check, Screen History, Auto Complete, Auto Expand, and Scratch Pad are integrated with the emulation session.
  • Support for existing and emerging technologies: Reflection 2007 includes full support for Instant Search, User Account Control, LDAP Directory Services (including Microsoft Active Directory), Microsoft Group Standing Out—and Standing Alone—in the Marketplace Policy, IPv6, Windows Terminal Server, Citrix MetaFrame, Public Key Infrastructures (PKIs), and more.

Reflection 2007 is the first terminal emulation application specifically built to mirror the look and feel of Windows Vista and Office 2007 while leveraging their considerable productivity and security features. In fact,  Reflection 2007 offers unique implementations of many Vista and Office 2007 features:

  • User Account Control allows administrators to better manage and secure the operating platform.
  • Desktop Search utilizes Vista’s rich metadata support to increase user efficiency while searching for data locally, on the network, or on the Internet.
  • .NET Framework 3.0 is one of the most robust development platforms available. Reflection 2007 is written on this framework to allow Attachmate to deliver faster and higher quality fixes and upgrades.
  • Windows Error Reporting is a new Vista feature that improves reporting on critical issues within the operating system and its applications.
  • Restart Manager increases application stability and protects user data by enabling custom installers or management tools to modify the application without disrupting the user experience.

Attachmate has created a terminal emulation solution that offers a number of important benefits for mainframe professionals. Register for the Reflection for IBM 2007 Technology Preview, which begins in early March, at Z