Operating Systems

VisiTrac/RTM From Lexonix Technologies

Many enterprises have built their business reputations on their ability to consistently meet batch process Service Level Agreements (SLAs). In order to succeed in today’s speed-of-light IT environment, organizations know full well they must continually update their strategies to ensure the level of SLA performance their customers have every right to expect.

All too often, however, SLA achievement is managed from a damage-control perspective at the post-processing stage. Given new tools now available in the marketplace, this approach represents antiquated thinking.

To consistently meet SLAs, batch processes must be monitored in real-time as they are executing. Mainframe professionals need accurate projections on end time, critical path status and processes that are not progressing due to delays or failures relative to all other processes in the system.

Enter VisiTrac/RTM (Real Time Monitor) from Lexonix Technologies.

Lexonix is a leading provider of solutions that help organizations manage their most critical batch systems— and many of Lexonix’s clients are already leveraging the company’s highly regarded VisiTrac product. VisiTrac has proved its mettle in the real-world marketplace, both on the mainframe and across multiple platforms. Now in Version 8.0, VisiTrac is a versatile and robust solution that puts organizations in control of complicated and distributed batch cycles while offering full support for tracking, documenting, evaluating, modeling, and improving the performance of their batch systems from a single, unified desktop environment.

In response to customer demand and market realities, Lexonix has added an extremely powerful new component to its offerings. VisiTrac/RTM extends the already formidable capabilities of VisiTrac, transforming it from a history-only reporting and modeling tool to a solution that offers a true real-time view of the work as it executes.

VisiTrac/RTM provides a high-level summary of how each of an organization’s processes are executing. As the work runs, updates are applied to the predicted end time and that calculated time is compared to the SLA target end time to determine the process’s general status. A simple, color-coded display shows On-Time, Jeopardy or Late status. Equally important, administrators can drill down into the process flowchart and watch each task execute while receiving immediate notification of numerous critical tasks, including those that are waiting, running, finished, abending, or stalled.

VisiTrac/RTM uses the same logical desktop interface as Meeting Batch Process SLAs With Real-Time Monitoring the basic VisiTrac product. Status is reported at both the task and overall process level and provides constant updates to the predicted end time of the entire system of work.

In addition to real-time monitoring and other key upgrades, VisiTrac/RTM adds stalled process functionality at both the task and process display levels. A stalled process is indicated when a critical path task has been waiting longer than a user-defined threshold after all dependencies have been resolved. Stalled processes are noted on the process-level display and the stalled task is specifically identified on the VisiTrac flowchart view.

While the technology is extremely sophisticated, VisiTrac’s day-to-day performance is elegant and simple. One status display tracks everything and provides an instant health check of all batch processes across the enterprise. If the status bar is green, all processes are running properly. When there’s an issue, Jeopardy or Late status is detected in real-time, allowing the problem to be instantly isolated and repaired before critical SLAs are compromised.

At the end of the day, VisiTrac/RTM is an important solution that should find enthusiastic acceptance among operations control managers, performance technicians, customers and application programmers, upper management or anyone who needs a real-time, 360-degree view of their enterprise processes. Z