Let’s get straight to the heart of the matter with two facts:

#1: The IT infrastructure is breaking up. To meet the dynamic needs of business, organizations are moving away from monolithic applications to a more flexible and reusable information infrastructure—a service-oriented Architecture (SOA). The benefits of such an approach are well-documented.

#2: The operational infrastructure remains centralized. For many large organizations and government agencies, the mainframe continues to be an essential platform for running day-to-day business operations. Accessing these applications requires specialized development skills or system knowledge that simply may not be available. These two facts spell out the dilemma facing organizations as they grapple with the movement to SOA. Legacy applications, the perennial thorn in the side of integration efforts, may impede and complicate the paradigm that was supposed to make integration quick and easy.

A Specialist Approach “Legacy” means “headache” when the way forward is seen as an anything-to-everything integration solution or low-level adapters. Both will flounder when faced with the breadth of different legacy systems and the detailed source application knowledge necessary to properly service-enable such systems.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Integrating legacy applications can be quick and easy. This is the gospel according to Attachmate, which has focused specifically on mainframe and host integration for more than 25 years. The company’s rich experience and knowledge of these systems has been captured in the Verastream host Integrator, which delivers Web- or service-enablement of mainframe information in a matter of minutes, using a graphical tool and without writing any code.

The Verastream Solution

Verastream host Integrator enables the full range of mainframe-based legacy applications to participate in today’s SOAs. the solution’s advanced services approach helps IT organizations extend legacy functionality for use in Web, portal, customer Relationship Management (CRM), mobile, contact-center, or Web self-service solutions. And it delivers rapid results because it allows existing development skills, familiar IT tools, and proven mainframe investments to be reused.

Verastream Host Integrator 6.0

With intrinsic support for both .Net and J2EE environments, Verastream Host Integrator extends legacy functionality to portals, Enterprise Service Buses (ESBs), and other middleware and packaged applications such as CRM and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Productivity enhancements are a major part of V6. These include:

  • Enhanced session management, session cleanup, and recovery capabilities for better control over mainframe/host resources
  • Design-time enhancements that further simplify the integration and control of auto-generated Web projects
  • Improved performance and scalability for more predictable performance characteristics across projects of all sizes
  • New debugging features streamline the creation of production-ready projects as well as the diagnosis and repair of malfunctioning models
  • New design-time “object copy” features allow for faster reuse of encapsulated mainframe functionality across multiple projects.

Bottom Line

Verastream Host Integrator 6.0 eliminates most of the technical complexity and invasive code surgery associated with typical integration paradigms. Within minutes, organizations can extend the scope of their integration capabilities into the most difficult legacy environments. With its support for standards and a broad array of legacy systems, Verastream Host Integrator 6.0 can play the perfect host for SOA projects. Z