Operating Systems

Tasks required for performance tuning of LSR pools are:

• Maintain an inventory of files in each pool, identifying the associated CI sizes

• Reconcile the LSR buffers with the file CI sizes to ensure the buffers are properly allocated

• Review the CICS statistics and ensure the installation look-aside hit ratio percentages are achieved

• Ensure there are sufficient strings available in the LSR pool

• Ensure the LSR pools are statically defined via CEDA.

There are other areas associated with tuning the LSR pools that are overlooked in many installations because they aren’t visible or identifiable, there’s insufficient manpower to dedicate to the tuning process, or there’s a lack of understanding as to their importance. In some cases, the overlooked area is discovered as a result of new applications or changes that occur. Some of the overlooked areas are:

• Buffer fragmentation

• LSR buffer size vs. file CISZ reconciliation

• Page boundary allocation

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