A major theme for organizations of all sizes in 2009 will be doing more with less, boosting efficiency while sustaining business growth in an economical and service-friendly manner. This article explores five major data management, storage, and networking trends for enterprise environments for 2009. General themes include:

• Continued focus on boosting efficiency and productivity with virtualization and other technologies

• Changing workloads, access and data lifecycle patterns

• Green IT computing and green storage

• Data footprint reduction and data management

• Data protection and security for virtual and physical environments.

Boosting IT Efficiency and Productivity

Underlying themes include improving IT service delivery by more efficient use of IT resources (facilities, servers, storage, networks, software, power and cooling, and IT staff) without compromising Quality of Service (QoS) delivery or Service Level Agreement (SLA) requirements. Consolidation of servers, storage, networks and data center facilities to boost utilization is one way companies hope to achieve these objectives. Figure 1 might look familiar because consolidation isn’t new. Along with a focus on consolidation, we’re seeing the many faces of server and storage virtualization emerge for life beyond consolidation. Many workloads and associated data can be virtualized to benefit from abstraction, emulation, and transparency to support data movement and migration, technology upgrades, and seasonal changes in business activity.


However, not all workloads and applications are being consolidated due to political, security, competitive or customer issues, software or hardware dependencies, QoS, and SLA, among other concerns.

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