IT Management


  1. Lowest outage costs from highest platform reliability, availability, and serviceability
  2. Lowest security breach risks/costs via most secure design, encryption, etc.
  3. Highest resource use efficiency/utilization for mixed commercial workloads
  4. Widest platform scalability supports any workload size, mix, growth
  5. Consolidates many new workloads, extends traditional workload strengths
  6. Top data-serving capacity, performance, value—best Information on Demand host
  7. Highest QoS, best performance with fastest response times
  8. Best enterprise SOA platform; enables fullest reuse of mainframe application assets
  9. Much-improved cost model transformed mainframe economics
  10. Lowest power consumption, cooling, and data center floor space needs
  11. Lowest staffing and support costs for enterprise workloads
  12. Lowest total cost of ownership, total cost per user, and total cost per transaction
  13. Best customer investment protection for any enterprise platform
  14. Lowest business risk platform with best worldclass support
  15. Healthy, expanding mainframe ecosystem is supporting the platform.