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Test Your z/OS Knowledge: WLM

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The following questions are sure to test your general knowledge of the z/OS Workload Manager. The answers to these questions are meant to provide a little extra insight into WLM and to give you a lighthearted way to learn more about the z/OS Workload Manager.

The answers and explanations to these questions can be found on page 106. You could choose to read the questions and answers at the same time, or you could take the exam and see how many you actually get right.

Please note the following:

  • All information given in this exam is generally available in the IBM-supplied z/OS manuals and Redbooks, SMF data, or past conference presentations.
  • None of the questions are trick questions, although I hope you don’t mind I designed some of the questions to make you think a bit like a z/OS WLM designer.

We hope you enjoy seeing how much you’ve learned over the years about the z/OS Workload Manager!

Grading Scale

13 Correct: You can have my job

10 - 12 Correct: You’re far exceeding your goals

7 - 9 Correct: Resources are sufficient and performance is acceptable

4 - 6 Correct: Performance OK, but you may need to bump up your priority a bit

1 - 3 Correct: A resource group minimum may be needed to ensure more time is dispatched to WLM

6 Pages