Right after our first mainframe t-shirt was announced, Adrienne DiPrima (Miami-Dade County’s manager of mainframe technical support) contacted us about purchasing 100 of our “Mainframes Rule” t-shirts. She gave them out to data center staff members just before Christmas and just before Miami-Dade installed their new IBM z10 mainframe.


This is a photo of just part of the team (Adrienne DiPrima is in the middle of the front row).

Intending to mention this in my MainfameZone Blog, I recently asked Adrienne if she would tell me in a sentence or two how the t-shirts went over. Knowing how enthusiastic Adrienne is, I wasn’t surprised that her response ran quite a bit longer. Here is just part of her response:  

“Our mainframe support team has really gotten into the spirit of the “Mainframes Rule” philosophy, which was greatly enhanced by handing out your wonderful t-shirts. On Fridays (casual day) you can always see at least a dozen of the shirts around the building. They are starting to feel the energy of the z-TEAM and people are actually looking forward to planning for new workloads on the mainframe, not only in the z/OS space, but in the z/Linux arena as well. We are now actively competing with other platforms in the department and we no longer play defense. We are planning a very pro-active strategy to prove that not only is the mainframe not dead — it’s a long way from retiring!”

That is what I call true Mainframe Esprit de Corps!