Syncsort has announced delivery of new innovations in MIMIX, a flagship product line in the company’s market-leading portfolio of high availability (HA) and disaster recovery software for IBM i. MIMIX addresses key IT challenges for assuring data and application availability.

According to a recent report based on surveys of 5,632 IT professionals about their data protection strategies and associated IT priorities, data availability is a top measure of IT performance. IT is not only being measured on functional IT disciplines, but also on impact to customers, partners and employees. Data availability and uptime led at 67%, and nearly half of businesses experienced a failure requiring a high availability and disaster recovery solution to resume operations. 

The new MIMIX release, available today, delivers faster replication to protect the ever-growing volume of data and transactions generated by today’s businesses, a streamlined GUI dashboard with visibility into key HA metrics for simplified management and new features that help ensure applications can be switched to a recovery server at a moment’s notice. 

“Faced with exploding data volumes, disruptive natural disasters and escalating storage and data accessibility needs, IT organizations are under increased pressure to optimize data and application availability,” said David Hodgson, CPO, Syncsort. “For this reason, we continue to focus on innovating in areas of high availability and disaster recovery to support critical business metrics like RTO and RPO.”

Highlights of the new MIMIX features include:

Faster and More Efficient Replication: The multi-threading capabilities in the IBM i operating system are leveraged to scale to even the highest transaction volumes, replicating data up to 10x faster. Dynamic adjustments to data volumes eliminate the need to manually tune performance.

New Responsive Dashboard and On-Demand Visibility into Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) Metrics: A redesigned graphical dashboard summarizes key aspects of the HA environment, accessible from any device, including tablets and smart phones. On-demand RTO and RPO metrics give continuous visibility into the ability to attain SLAs.

“Set and Forget” Integration with Enterprise-Monitoring Consoles: Support for SNMP alerts enables unattended monitoring by incorporating alerts on conditions that require attention into an infrastructure monitoring console of choice, such as Nagios or SolarWinds.

Expanded and Simplified Data Distribution Capabilities: Distributing data to non-HA servers for use by other applications and business processes is now easier to manage through a simple on-off switch for audits of select data.

“As part of strategic business continuity strategies, many of my customers are very focused on meeting Recovery Point and Recovery Time Objectives, and IT is on the line to implement a system they can trust to meet them. One customer, for instance, asked the IT team that had implemented MIMIX Availability if they were getting the assurance they needed from their investment,” said Neil Clark, Power Systems Technical Consultant, Clear Technologies. “I installed the new release so that they could have access to the key metrics view that provides visibility into RPO, RTO and past switch performance, and they were able to confidently demonstrate their ability to meet their recovery objectives to management.”