Syncsort, the global leader in Big Iron to Big Data software, today announced new innovations in its fast-growing Ironstream® data integration software, including the ability to deliver mainframe log and application data in real-time directly to Elastic Logstash. The expanded support extends Syncsort’s unmatched mainframe data integration facilities that enable IT staff with minimal mainframe knowledge to get deep operational insights in next-generation analytics environments like Splunk, Hadoop and the Elastic Stack.

“Many organizations are using Elastic’s Kibana to visualize Elasticsearch data and navigate the Elastic Stack, and like Hadoop and Splunk users, they require mainframe data as part of their 360-degree view of enterprise-wide data,” said David Hodgson, Chief Product Officer, Syncsort. “In keeping with our proven track record of enabling our more than 7,000 customers to quickly extract value from their critical data anytime, anywhere, we are empowering enterprises to make better decisions by making mission-critical mainframe data available in another popular analytics platform.”

Highlights of Ironstream Elastic Logstash support include:

Extensive Mainframe Log File Support: Delivering all Ironstream-supported data sources to Logstash to provide comprehensive mainframe information for decision support.

Data Filtering: Saving time and resources and improving processing efficiency by filtering data to send-only data required for business insights to the Elastic stack.

Kibana Dashboards for Typical Use Cases: Facilitating set-up of analytics on mainframe data to enable users to visualize data with charts and graphs via the Elasticsearch search and analytics engine.

The new release of Ironstream also includes major enhancements in delivering data to Splunk or Elastic Logstash, including:

Multiple Application Programming Interface (API): The Ironstream API for user application data has been enhanced to support multiple APIs for transporting large sets of records. As a result, performance improvements of up to 10x can be achieved in addition to better use of system resources.

IMS Log Forwarding: Ironstream now delivers IMS Log data to Splunk or Elastic Logstash. Real-time and asynchronous forwarding is supported for multiple log record types, providing insight into IMS transaction performance and IMS system statistics. 

Enhanced SMF data collection: A new method of gathering SMF data minimizes the impact of high-volume SMF record processing on application performance by enabling asynchronous collection of SMF data through the SMF INMEM resources and API.

Syncsort now offers Ironstream to customers with the flexibility of MSU-based (capacity) or Ingestion-based pricing. Learn more about the new release by watching the webinar, “What's New in Ironstream.”