BMC’s 2018 Mainframe Survey just came out, and, according to the survey; the mainframe’s future continues to be extremely bright. Several outstanding quotes regarding the survey are especially encouraging:

  • “Today’s mainframe is well-positioned to lead organizations in an ever-evolving digital environment.”
  • “Organizations are shifting from reactive to proactive in their mainframe approaches, with the increasing demands of digital business as the main drivers.”
  • “The mainframe is the most trusted platform to handle growth generated by digital business.”
  • “Priorities and challenges are aligned and show commitment to keeping the mainframe as the backbone of their digital environments.”
  • “Mainframe environments are handling significant increases in the number of databases and transaction volumes as well as an increasing trend in data volume.”

Top Findings of the Survey 

  • 93% of executives continue to believe in the long-term viability of the mainframe platform.
  • 92% predict long-term viability (3rd straight year of increases, highest since 2013).
  • 63% of respondents were under age 50, up to 10 percentage points from 2017.
  • 82% use Java in their mainframe environment.
  • 65% report using Agile/DevOps practices overall, and 48% are using Agile/DevOps practices in their mainframe environment.
  • 33% use pervasive encryption in their mainframe environments.
  • 51% of respondents state that over half of their data resides on the mainframe.
  • 60% of respondents have a positive outlook for MIPS growth—the highest level in three years; and 70% of large shops have a positive outlook for MIPS growth.
  • 42% say application modernization is a priority.

As you can see, even as the digital economy and its complex challenges force organizations to rethink their workloads and computing requirements, the IBM mainframe continues to be at the forefront.

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