IT Management

AWLC: Advanced Workload License Charges. This new pricing metric is allowed only on zEnterprise (z196) machines.

Hardware MSU: These represent the hardware’s ability to perform work. This is the measurement that must be used for capacity planning.

IPLA: International Program License Agreement. These products are most often tools and utilities and are licensed with one-time charges for a specific MSU capacity. These products also offer subscription and support for ongoing maintenance and the ability to upgrade to new versions.

Mainframe Charter: IBM’s published plan to invest in the mainframe platform. Besides the technology dividend, IBM’s education initiatives are another focus of the mainframe charter.

MSU: Million Service Units

PricingPlex: A group of machines that are aggregated together for software pricing

PSLC: Parallel Sysplex License Charges

Software MSU: Since the introduction of the z990, IBM’s announcement of machine capacity is measured in units of software MSUs.

Technology Dividend: A value for customers due to improvements in the underlying technology of the hardware. This is provided in addition to more and faster engines. Sometimes this is offered through the separation of hardware and software MSUs. It has also included the ability to carry specialty processors forward from z990 to z9, z9 to z10, and now to the z196 machines.

Total Cost of Ownership: In this context, this means the costs of acquiring the mainframe hardware, maintenance and the software licenses from IBM and other ISVs.

Value Units: Licenses for IPLA products are actually purchased based on value units. Different products use one of several tables to convert software MSUs to value units.

VWLC: Variable Workload License Charges. Introduced with z900 machines in 2001, this was the first pricing metric to offer both full-capacity and sub-capacity pricing.

WLC: Workload License Charges include VWLC and AWLC. These are the newer IBM software pricing metrics that offer both sub-capacity and full-capacity charges.

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