Software AG has announced a partnership with leading application software company OSIsoft. This partnership enables businesses to combine enterprise-wide IT and operations data and tools together with the Software AG Digital Business Platform for enhanced analytics, machine learning, integration and rapid IoT solution development. It also helps organizations access and analyze massive volumes of time-series data within enterprise information architectures supporting data warehouse, Big Data, and advanced analytics projects.

Martin Otterson, Senior Vice President of customer success, OSIsoft, said: “By integrating operational data from the OSIsoft PI System with business intelligence data from ERP systems such as SAP, relational databases, Hadoop, and unstructured sources, organizations can achieve enterprise-wide intelligence as well as actionable insights to improve production, reduce manufacturing losses and increase profitability across the whole supply chain.“ 

Dr. Wolfram Jost, Chief Technology Officer, Software AG, noted: “This Software AG and OSIsoft partnership will help enterprises make digital transformation possible by turning data from operations into actionable information and empowering users to perform their own analyses, thus enhancing their decision-making and capturing previously hidden insights. This means more time can be spent on exploring new insights and possibilities, instead of spending too much time on data extraction, validation and processing.” 

Software AG’s Digital Business Platform comprises world-class integration and advanced analytics capabilities that connect to a vast array of structured and unstructured data sources. When combining the Digital Business Platform with OSIsoft PI System data, enterprises can gain new, rich insights into product quality, operations, distributed assets, and the Internet of Things (IoT). 

With the increasing power of visual and predictive analytics capabilities, the combination of the Digital Business Platform and the OSIsoft PI Systems will bring innovative ways to drive continuous improvement by gaining new insights and optimizing existing processes, infrastructure and assets. 

The OSIsoft PI System captures the large volumes of disparate data from sensors, IoT gateways, manufacturing equipment and other devices and then structures and cleans it so that it can be used to optimize ongoing operations or conduct business analytics. It is frequently a challenge to leverage advanced visualization and analytics tools with these datasets because of inconsistencies in the source data, incomplete data, missing data context and the need to leverage advanced indexing technologies to ensure scalability for data searching and access. 

By combining the OSIsoft PI System with the Apama Streaming Analytics module of the Digital Business Platform, companies can analyze and act on real-time streaming data using the context of past data for reference, or as part of a data discovery phase, to find root causes, trends, and outlying conditions. 

By connecting directly with real-time, streaming data from the OSIsoft PI System through the Digital Business Platform, organizations can compare actual readings with sophisticated statistical models that help predict performance, downtime, and running costs, such as energy efficiency. Furthermore, real-time adjustments, alerts, and instructions can be generated to avoid failures and risks or to improve operational efficiency. By researching different data sources, users can understand machine-operating characteristics in varying environments and points in time, and therefore produce a framework for continuous improvement. 

The Software AG Digital Business Platform is an integrated set of powerful technologies, capabilities and methodologies for managing a digital transformation and for reshaping business designs that enable an enterprise to be more data-driven, customer-obsessed, hyper-connected and super-agile. The Digital Business Platform is offered in the cloud, as a service, on premise, or a hybrid configuration.