SmartIS from SEGUS

Does this IT challenge sound familiar? Your data center consists of a complex maze of applications and systems spread across multiple platforms—isolated islands of data spanning Unix, Linux, Windows, and the mainframe. When your people need to query and act on mission-critical data, finding the information they need in the form they need often becomes a tedious, costly, and morale-sapping process.

If your enterprise suffers from data center challenges such as these, SmartIS® from SEGUS Inc. offers a comprehensive information management solution that streamlines operations and makes it easy to access and act on your data—and it does it with most systems or platforms in your organization. For day-to-day job requirements or complex projects, SmartIS eliminates the guesswork and provides referential integrity for JCL data, DB2 or IMS, report writing data, tape management, job scheduling, and much more.

SmartIS is short for Smart Information System—and that’s exactly what this solution provides. Using graphical or list views that are easy to understand and use, SmartIS automatically collects and correlates data from disparate sources, allowing you to normalize and unify information into a common repository that lets you identify problems, perform sophisticated queries in a few keystrokes, and gain real-time control of all the data in your enterprise.

SmartIS key Functionality and Benefits

  • Collect and correlate data from Operations Management, Production Planning, Application Development, Quality Assurance and Integration, Disaster Recovery and Conversions, and End-User departments
  • Ships with more than 100 standard queries and allows custom tailoring of screens and reports. Once data has been collected into the DB2 repository, authorized users may issue pre-defined queries to cross-reference, verify, and analyze data and produce graphs of all data structures. Queries can be tailored to provide specific views and formats, as well as scheduled to run in batch mode.
  • Allows comprehensive evaluations of different data (e.g., CA-7, OPC, CONTROL-M, ZEKE, CA-JobTrac, CAScheduler, DB2, JCL, SMF, IMS, CA-1, RMM, COBOL, PL/1, report writers, etc.), all using a common dialog and user interface
  • Graphical data view allows you to visualize production on screen; find solutions faster—no more wading through lists and reports.
  • List view allows you to “jump” across multiple lists without exiting the program and using a new dialog. A uniform interface negates the need to use different access methods and languages to jump from data source to data source. Users can navigate freely from screen to screen.
  • No specialized programming or database knowledge required. Authorized users can easily create their own queries. Traditional tools such as SPUFI or QMF are unnecessary.
  • Open system allows for the integration of custom data sources.
  • PC Client runs on all 32-bit Windows platforms.
  • Ideal for anyone who needs to query data, but especially valuable for Production Control, Production Scheduling, Operations, Technical Services, Help Desks, Development, Integration Testing, Applications, Quality Assurance, Conversion Teams.
  • 30-day free trial available.

In sum, SEGUS has created a cost-effective solution that streamlines and automates manual data retrieval and correlation and provides a fast return on investment. With SmartIS, data management projects that routinely took days or weeks to perform can now be completed in a few minutes or hours—and that’s an invaluable productivity gain for any organization. Z