IT Management

For this issue, I wanted to write a column that’s upbeat. For starters, it’s time to speak up and acknowledge that mainframe executives deserve a lot of credit. Too few people really appreciate how difficult it is in a heterogeneous environment to keep up with so many moving parts, providing servers and networks that always stay up. At times, it may seem impossible to live up to expectations as support costs continue to mount up, and take up the majority of IT budget allocations. Runaway server farms are enough to make you tear up, which is why people really need to wise up. One way to straighten up is to centralize workloads. Another smart move is to consolidate servers to fill up unused capacity. Running up costs makes it harder to stay paid up.

Looking for something to make you cheer up? System z shines at scaling up and hooking up processors to form a sysplex. Self-tuning refers to a moment-by-moment tune-up, and self-healing means it has more recovery code than any other system to ensure the system stays up. Rapid response times keep user frustration from building up so they don’t blow up at IT. Nobody’s happy when things get messed up or begin to slow up (don’t get me started on slowed down), and some people go ballistic when things get hosed up. If you can’t deliver services, you may need to shape up staff before the business chokes up.

A System z, when properly set up, can really brighten up an IT strategy. The more you tighten up server sprawl, the more you can save up for the more important work of IT, which is to deliver up new business capabilities that open up new revenue streams. For all platforms, IT’s biggest shortcoming is letting the application backlog pile up, so we really need to step up the pace of coming up with new apps.

When it comes to managing data, nothing matches System z’s ability to store up information, back up massive amounts of data and automate so many facets of storage management, or bring up another system after a disaster.

Do you ever bring in specialists and wonder how much they had to read up before they could think up something intelligent to say? Those who like to hype-up the latest trend-du-jour can really louse up everything. That’s why I like to give people a heads up to watch out for those who live on the reading edge.

Today, more than ever, we need to gear up to properly handle the security threats. It’s no small task to plug up security holes. IT is constantly having to beef up security where vulnerabilities exist. Too bad security for distributed platforms has never kept up with the mainframe. Cyber security has been heating up. If you want to read up about the new cyber command and other security initiatives, then link up to

Latest trends sure can get folks fired up. Many a start-up has aspired to rise up to change the make up of how IT gets done. This year, cloud computing really has everyone looking up

In closing, keep your chin up and don’t let IT challenges get you _______ (the opposite of up).  Remember the words Winston Churchill spoke to his embattled nation, “Never, never give up!”

Author’s Note: You’ve just read a column where the word “up” was used more than 50 times.