In 1970, primarily due to anti-trust pressure from the Federal Government as well as an independent lawsuit by Applied Data Research, IBM made the decision to “unbundle” software costs and hardware costs. This meant that over the past 40 years independent software vendors (ISVs) have been able to compete on a even basis with IBM for mainframe software product sales.

Starting with ADR’s Autoflow, a fairly large number of ISVs have successfully marketed system and application software products that have significantly added value to mainframe systems.

Because of the excellent contributions mainframe ISVs have made over the years, we will be adding three new ISV pioneers to the Mainframe Hall of Fame. These three gentlemen join current ISV members Marty Goetz (ADR), Tony Mazzone (Innovation Data Processing), Barry Schrager (SKK), and Barry Merrill  (Merrill Consultants).

  • Joe Piscopo, founder of Pansophic Software and creator of PANVALET
  • Aubrey Chernick, founder of Candle Corporation and creator of OMEGAMMON
  • Duane Whitlow, founder of Whitlow Computer Systems and creator of SyncSort

I’m curious to know this from our readers: Which non-IBM software products have been significant to the success of the mainframe?