Rocket Software introduced Rocket® BlueZone Web, a new terminal emulation product designed to allow users to access mainframe and other host-based systems and data using modern interfaces on mobile devices. BlueZone Web drives value for host system-driven organizations by empowering their team members to retrieve and use information from anywhere in their systems on any web browser or tablet at any time.

“Customers need real-time access to essential business information and functionality, whether they’re on their desktop, laptop, tablet, or other mobile device,” says Joe Devlin, Vice President of Software Development at Rocket Software. “The era of platform-specific access is over, and today’s users expect effortless integration no matter where they are and what device they’re using – and they expect all of that information to be secure regardless of what device they’re using. BlueZone Web addresses all of these concerns, and is a secure solution for supporting modern infrastructures through browser-based experiences.”

Rocket BlueZone Web is a zero-footprint terminal emulator built for mobile use, and is the latest addition to the powerful Rocket Terminal Emulation family of tools. The flexible, plugin-free solution is designed to simplify essential tasks for today’s mobile workforces, including retail, warehouse, and office employees, while clientless deployment works to reduce overhead and support costs. BlueZone Web can boost operational efficiency in situations such as warehouse environments, where it saves workers the time it takes to go back and forth to a terminal station. Similarly, retail salespeople—untethered to a desktop terminal—are empowered to remain as focused as possible on the customer while delivering maximum productivity.

BlueZone Web is built on Node.js, JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3, and offers out-of-the-box authentication service for LDAP and SAP (RACF). The server is suitable for installation on any platform that supports Node.js, and it supports all modern web browsers regardless of device.