BMC Software has announced that the Anne Arundel County Public School (AACPS) system is using BMC’s Remedy Service Management Suite solution to ensure the rapid rollout and high availability of digital learning technologies. The Remedy solution enables AACPS support teams to manage more devices at a lower cost and automate key operational functions such as tracking correspondence, triggering emergency notifications, and scheduling monthly tasks. With Remedy, AACPS is now able to handle three times the number of tickets as it did ten years ago, using the solution’s ever-expanding list of capabilities to reduce help desk costs by 24 percent. 

One of the 50 largest school systems in the U.S., AACPS provides an exceptional education for over 80,000 students at 126 schools in the state of Maryland. During the more than 20 years of integrating computers into the classroom, AACPS has deployed a wide variety of devices and currently supports more than 79,000 devices, including computers, cameras, interactive response systems, white boards, and more. To ensure the reliability and performance of these devices and minimize the impact on instruction, AACPS’s help desk constantly seeks ways to automate manual tasks and increase efficiency, making it easier and faster for users to log a ticket and for the help desk to respond.

For example, AACPS receives 18,000 self-submission tickets, which represents about 20 percent of the 90,000 tickets handled annually. Enabling teachers to log tickets themselves makes the tickets automatically available directly to technicians, freeing the help desk staff to focus on escalations and creating vital documentation and supporting knowledge management.

“BMC’s Remedy cut our support costs and made us more proactive in supporting the schools, and independent analysis revealed a five year return on investment that exceeded 4,000 percent,” said Kim Olds Abner, senior user support specialist and Remedy administrator at AACPS. “Efficient workflow assignments help users get their issues resolved faster, and our custom applications automate non-IT functions such as tracking correspondence, triggering emergency notifications, and scheduling training, reducing costs in those areas as well.”

AACPS first deployed the Remedy solution to support the help desk, a small in-house IT support team, and field support analysts managing computer labs. Over the years, the solution has continued to evolve to keep pace with changing requirements, and the Remedy deployment has been expanded to support the Telecom group, the Networking group and the AV Repair group.

“We have just gone live with Remedy 9, and we are enthusiastic about the possibilities offered by this newest release from BMC including functionality aimed at strengthening security, all while providing the convenience of single sign-on for users,” Olds continued. “Our technical staff are seeing tremendous productivity using BMC’s Smart IT service delivery interface on mobile devices, and we plan on harnessing the power of the knowledge base to better equip them with the resources they need to more efficiently do their jobs.”

By automating non-tech processes, BMC’s Remedy solution has streamlined critical communication functions. For example, if an incident occurs on a campus, the principal only needs to call one phone number. The incident is logged into Remedy, which automatically sends priority-based emails to the executive staff and the police if needed.

“Like so many public and private institutions, Anne Arundel County Public Schools has found that automating IT service management processes can dramatically improve staff productivity while driving down overall support costs,” said Nayaki Nayyar, president, digital service management at BMC. “Remedy Service Management is highly intuitive and supports the entire range of devices and processes that organizations need to manage in today’s rapidly evolving and highly complex IT environment.”

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