Nov 1 ’06

TWS/Graph From SEGUS

by Editor in z/Journal

Tivoli Workload scheduler (TWS) from IBM/TIVOLI is a popular and widely used job scheduling application for both z/OS and distributed system environments. But IT professionals know that in order to maximize its potential, TWS can be augmented and simplified by leading-edge products from third-party suppliers.

Enter TWS/Graph™ from SEGUS—a cost-effective and intelligently designed tool that adds key reporting functionality, graphing/flowchart capabilities, and a logical Graphic User Interface (GUI) to the text-based TWS product. TWS/Graph streamlines and speeds up TWS administration, maintenance, and performance across the board.

Optimized to run on z/OS and distributed systems to facilitate end-to-end scheduling, TWS/Graph reduces complexity and gives users access to knowledge that was either previously unavailable or extremely difficult to get to. When scheduling is both turbo-charged and visualized with TWS/Graph, problems become easier to solve, overall quality is increased, and errors are greatly reduced.

TWS/Graph Key Functionality and Benefits easy to install and use, TWS/Graph is extremely secure and reliable. Its many features include:

Upgraded Functionality

Now available in Version 5.1, TWS/Graph features a number of key enhancements:

With thousands of users at hundreds of locations across the globe, TWS/Graph is a well-established and deservedly popular solution for z/OS and distributed TWS environments—and its new functionality makes it even more powerful and easy to use. Available as a 30-day free trial, TWS/Graph Version 5.1 is well worth exploring for production planning, project groups (consolidations, migrations, D-R), test groups, quality assurance, applications groups, or any team that would benefit from improved graphics, flowcharting, cross-referencing, and self-documentation of the TWS scheduling system. Z