Jun 6 ’18

Syncsort Joins Microsoft’s One Commercial Partner Program to Help Companies Move Data to the Cloud

Syncsort announced it has been named to Microsoft’s One Commercial Partner program to support customers’ Microsoft Azure Cloud initiatives. Syncsort’s data integration and data quality solutions efficiently move data of any kind to Azure, transforming it so it’s analytics-ready and improving and maintaining the quality of the data as it’s stored and analyzed in the cloud.

The cloud is an overwhelmingly popular option for deploying applications and storing data due to its flexible architecture, low cost and elasticity, but it presents challenges when the data originating from other platforms needs to be archived or integrated. Organizations must move their data, cleanse and transform it so it’s ready for analytics in the cloud. This can be time consuming and, in the case of legacy platforms like mainframes, very complex due to incompatible data formats and storage practices. Once in the cloud, the data must be kept up-to-date and of the highest quality to ensure accurate, trusted analytics on which to base business decisions. 

“More and more organizations are looking to store data and build, manage and deploy applications in the cloud, but moving data can be complex and ensuring its accuracy can be challenging,” said Tendü Yogurtçu, CTO, Syncsort. “Syncsort focuses on simplifying data access, integration and quality for trusted insights in enterprise-wide analytics, irrespective of its source or use case, including the cloud. Achieving co-sell status with Microsoft is a great recognition of how we help support joint customers in their cloud journeys.”

The Syncsort Integrate portfolio features software specifically designed to support high performance data integration and data quality with Microsoft Azure:

Participation in Microsoft’s One Commercial Partner Program provides Syncsort with Azure Co-Sell Ready status and Gold certification for cloud competency. Launched in 2016, the Co-Sell Ready Program aligns Microsoft’s global sales team behind partners like Syncsort to ensure joint customers are successful with their Azure initiatives.