Sep 27

Phoenix Software International’s (E)JES Update Features Interface Modernization

On September 26, 2019, Phoenix Software International, Inc., made available (E)JES V5R9, an update to its z/OS system management product. This software release continues Phoenix Software’s initiative to help modernize the z/OS user experience. (E)JES V5R9 includes Zowe Conformant REST API and CLI components as well as enhancements to its z/OSMF workflow-driven installation. By embracing these new technologies designed to standardize, optimize, and streamline common z/OS tasks, Phoenix Software aims to help bridge the skills gap and make the mainframe more accessible to all IT professionals.

Zowe is an open source project hosted by the Open Mainframe Project, developed to integrate mainframe applications and data across the enterprise. Phoenix Software is a participant in the Zowe Conformance Program, which aims to give users a high level of common functionality, interoperability and user experience. (E)JES V5R9 has two Zowe Conformant components:

Last year, (E)JES included the first iteration of a guided install using a z/OSMF workflow. V5R9 now provides an enhanced workflow with expert-system assistance for the basic installation steps, which enables (E)JES installation and initial configuration from the web-based z/OSMF interface and without using a 3270 emulator.

Ed Jaffe, Chief Technology Officer at Phoenix Software International, said, “If IBM continues to improve this functionality, streamline the processes, and more and more independent software vendors push the limits of what the technology can do, we will have a common and very powerful GUI-based installation strategy for z/OS that rivals those on other platforms.” Mr. Jaffe demonstrated an early version of the new installation method in a webinar held in March 2019, z/OSMF Workflow-Driven Installation.