Jan 1 ’07

Pete Clark on z/VSE: z/VSE Important Dates and Plans for 2007

by Editor in z/Journal

Ah, the December/January issue of zJournal … As we close 2006 and begin 2007, two thoughts come to mind.

Thought 1: 2006 has been an excellent year for z/VSE and its attending products with excellent performance, new hardware, new vendor software releases, and super stability.

Thought 2: 2007 will offer z/VSE users a new version/ release with new function, new capabilities and new vendor product releases to support the new z/VSE. In keeping with this thought comes the question, “When will it happen and where do I find more information?”

Magazines, including this one, often have an editorial calendar that charts a course for the year. Included here is a similar facility that we call the z/VSE “Event” calendar for 2007, which identifies the dates of significant events and happenings related to z/VSE for 2007. These dates include milestones, deadlines, events, and information publication dates that z/VSE users need to know.

February 28, 2007 and VSE/ESA 2.7

VSE/ESA Version/Release 2.7 reaches end of service on February 28, 2007. Hopefully, everyone has or will be on z/VSE 3.x by then or at least have a plan to be there within the near future. If you are planning to skip from VSE/ESA 2.7 to z/VSE 4, bypassing z/VSE 3, you will have a small 2.7 end of support window (see next topic). This is just something to be aware of, but certainly isn’t enough of a window to change your plans.

End of March 2007: z/VSE 4

Around the end of March, we hopefully will see the general availability of z/VSE 4. This date is a “guesstimation” on my part, based on prior history and typical z/VSE releases. To my knowledge, there’s no formal committed date for the next version of z/VSE. I haven’t heard anything from the early support program concerning z/VSE 4 either, so those non-disclosures must be working, and perhaps z/VSE 4 is working so well there’s nothing of concern to “leak.”

April 2007: z/VSE Futures

In the October/November column, we discussed z/VSE Futures and a way in which you can effect the facilities that will become available in z/VSE. As just a reminder, we will be collecting those ideas for the next several months. In April 2007, your ideas will be incorporated into a document that will be presented to the Futures Task Force and ultimately to the z/VSE development team.

As you develop those ideas, please forward them as soon as possible, so we will have time to create the document and fully explore the ideas. This is an important task, and it provides us z/VSE users with a wonderful opportunity to have our voices heard. So, please let me hear from you in a thoughtful, concise manner at pclark@cprsystems.com.

April 16 - 20, 2007: IBM Storage and Technical Conference

The conference will be held in Munich, Germany, and includes some of the top IBM technical developers addressing storage, z/VSE, z/VM, and Linux solutions. For more information, visit www.ibm.com.

May 18 - 22, 2007: WAVV 2007

WAVV 2007 will be held in Green Bay, WI, at the Green Bay Convention Center Regency Suites. The Agenda Grid with session titles is available at www.wavv.org, and the abstracts will be posted as they are completed. WAVV focuses on z/VM, z/VSE, Linux, and off-platform systems that cooperatively process with those host and vendor products and services that complement those platforms.

June/July z/Journal 2007: z/VSE 4

Planned for the June/July issue of z/Journal is a report on the early user experience installing and production use of z/ VSE 4. Naturally, this depends somewhat on the actual availability of z/VSE 4 and those early users who choose to exploit z/VSE 4. Should we not have sufficient experiences for that issue, we will focus on the following issue.

September 2007: Planning for WAVV 2008

The WAVV planning committee for WAVV 2008 meets in September, so be sure to let a WAVV committee person know what session topics are important to you and what ideas you may have to improve the WAVV experience. Visit www.wavv.org for contact information.

September 17 - 21, 2007: IBM System z Expo

The IBM System z Expo featuring z/OS, z/VSE, z/VM and Linux on System z, will be held September 17 - 21, 2007, in San Antonio, TX. For additional conference information, visit www.ibm.com.

October/November 2007: z/VSE Futures Update

A review of the z/VSE Futures Task Force results as submitted by you users is planned for the October/ November issue of z/Journal.

See you all in the next issue. Z