Oct 23 ’19

Now Available: SDS E-Business ServerĀ® 9.1.1 with FIPS-supported version

Software Diversified Services (SDS), a global leader in cybersecurity and mainframe software, is pleased to announce that SDS E-Business Server 9.1.1, which utilizes the new FIPS 140-2-validated SDS Cryptographic Module, is now available for download (FIPS validations).

FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) validation is often required for software used by federal agencies and their vendors. After completing a rigorous testing program, including proving very high-quality entropy, the encryption module used in version 9.1 has been validated to meet the data-security mandates set by FIPS 140-2 from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

E-Business Server 9.1.1 offers two separate options for Windows, Linux, and AIX: a FIPS-supported version and the standard version.

Any organization that doesn’t require the FIPS-supported version will still reap the benefits of the SDS Cryptographic Module and the added security built into the module. Although several popular algorithms aren’t supported in the FIPS-supported version, the standard version contains the full set of algorithms and options.

SDS E-Business Server protects sensitive data through its PGP encryption technology, FIPS-validated encryption, strong signature creation, and reliable authentication to help gain compliance to standards like HIPAA, PCI DSS, and GDPR.

With versatile APIs and a flexible command-line interface, SDS E-Business Server quickly integrates with automated processes and web-based applications. Developers can easily embed encryption services into proprietary or third-party applications.

For more information, view the SDS E-Business Server Datasheet or email info@sdsusa.com for a 30-day free trial.