Apr 9 ’18

GT Software Announces Release of Neo 5.0

GT Software ha announced the release of NeoSuite 5.0. NeoSuite is an enterprise solution designed to easily convert mainframe applications to a modernized .NET environment, all while preserving existing code. The release introduces updates that will provide increased functionality and enhance user experience.

“Simplifying and streamlining the user experience is of tremendous value to our customers,” said Don Spoerke, Director of Product Management. “Our goal is making the arduous task of moving off the mainframe stress-free and uncomplicated.”

NeoSuite is comprised of NeoKicks, NeoBatch and NeoData. These three tools have very distinct purposes and each application was updated on this version.

What’s New with NeoKicks:

Updated wizard
Ease of Mapping the Transaction IDs
Helps set up the File I/O and the database information
Streamlined user experience

What’s New with NeoBatch:

Updated catalog wizard
Streamlined user experience
Enhanced capability for debugging
Additional support for sending PDF documents from SYSOUT of submitted jobs

What’s New with NeoData:

Improved management of filters when viewing data sets
Streamlined user experience