Dec 18 ’14

CIO Perspective: IT Leaders Highlight Top Technology Challenges

by Editor in Enterprise Executive

Every year, the IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV), in conjunction with Oxford Economics, surveys IT executives around the world about how the technology landscape is changing. This year’s survey, which canvassed 750 senior IT leaders in 18 countries, opens the conversation about IT infrastructure – and in particular, the content, participants and tone in which this discussion topic is changing.

The survey found that seven out of 10 organizations believe IT infrastructure plays an important role in enabling competitive advantage or optimizing revenue and profit. Yet less than 10 percent of all organizations are fully prepared to address mobile, social, big data and analytics, and cloud.

Clearly, we’re living in a time when organizations know that infrastructure matters but are looking for help with the building blocks to address today’s market demands.

According to the study, the top two technology challenges are storage related:

• Moving large amounts of data efficiently and securely
• Cutting costs and improving efficiencies.

So, what is the right infrastructure for these clients? Simply put, the right IT infrastructure helps businesses improve their revenues and profits.

The right infrastructure needs to be designed for big data, defined by software for the cloud, built for optimized engagement so it can integrate systems of record with systems of engagement and built on open standards and technologies.

Our storage business point of view focuses on a few critical topics for the industry—software defined storage, virtualization and flash.

With the investments and enhancements we are making to the storage portfolio, IBM can deliver a unique advantage to clients—allowing them to access and process any type of data, on any type of storage device, anywhere in the world— to meet the challenges they face with massive amounts of data.

IBM Software Defined Storage Offers the Complete Data Solution

This year we introduced Software Defined Storage for new workloads including deployment on SoftLayer to drive solutions in the cloud. Our storage virtualization leadership is proven with real-time compression delivering half-price storage with twice the performance. More than 10,000 San Volume Controller and 60,000 Storwize systems have been shipped worldwide—with nearly 2 million terabytes of data managed.

Clients are gaining business insight out of the explosion of data, and now, more organizations are seeing IBM Flash storage as a key accelerator to achieving data economics.

Leading the transformation with flash everywhere, we are offering the FlashSystem V840 with Software Defined Storage and the DS8870 high-performance flash enclosure.

The fact that IBM is currently recognized as a leader in the industry for Software Defined Storage and Flash, demonstrates to the marketplace our transformation fueled by innovative products and leading solutions.

IDC ranked IBM the #1 supplier of Software Defined Storage Platforms (SDS-P) in 2Q14. The ranking shows great traction for our offerings that help clients with their Big Data challenges by accelerating global access to petabytes of data and billions of files.

More customers around the globe are turning to IBM and our flash storage systems than any other company for faster access to insights from Big Data. According to a new research report from Gartner, IBM is the worldwide market leader in flash storage solid-state arrays (SSA’s) based on revenue for 2013. The IBM FlashSystem 840 is the first in its class to be named Energy Star qualified.

We are driving innovation into our portfolio that will empower clients to manage, deliver and access data in ways they never could before and at the same time improving their economics.

Remember, 71 percent of the CEOs who participated in the IBV Study recognize that IT infrastructure plays and important role in enabling competitive advantage or optimizing revenue and profit. Consider this—Software Defined Storage provides 100 times performance improvement with Elastic Storage and Platform Computing, Flash provides 20 times improvement in actionable supply chain analytics, virtualization solutions bring 67 percent reduction in storage and facilities cost, and Tape stores 2.5 times more data in the same space with 44 percent better performance. Our storage solutions have proven to reduce overall infrastructure costs.

This allows clients to focus on their business strategy and their clients’ needs.

That’s what matters.