As critical business data flows across the digital universe, it carries with it an ongoing threat to an enterprise’s security. Even static data originating or residing on servers or mainframe platforms is susceptible to compromises due to new or emerging security threats. Plus, backup files transferred to off-site storage facilities can be lost, misplaced, or stolen. 

IBM Enterprise professionals running Linux on zSeries have always understood these risks, but they were unable to effectively leverage one of the industry’s most trusted data security solutions. 

Until now. 

PGP® Command Line 9.0, a proven solution for all phases of business information security, is now available for the first time as a comprehensive, fully supported application for Linux on IBM zSeries. 

PGP Command Line 9.0 from Patrick Townsend & Associates melds the powerful functionality of trusted PGP encryption with the product installation, VM systems programming, Linux installation, training, and ongoing support IBM Enterprise customers expect for mission- critical applications. 

PGP Command Line 9.0 for IBM zSeries enables administrators to automate the secure storage, transfer, and backup of large volumes of business data to help ensure compliance with corporate mandates and information security regulations, including the EU Data Privacy Directive, HIPAA, SOX, PCI/CISP, CA SB1386, and other U.S. federal and state mandates. 

PGP Command Line 9.0 for IBM zSeries Key Features and Benefits 

PGP Command Line 9.0 for IBM zSeries augments existing access controls, batch processes, and backup procedures with powerful encryption, digital signing, file compression, and secure file-wiping capabilities. 

For Information Security Managers, PGP Command Line 9.0 for IBM zSeries offers: 

  • Consistent security processes: Automation of security processes eliminates human error and ensures dependable, consistent application of information security policies.
  • Comprehensive data protection: Encryption of sensitive customer and corporate information protects data from unauthorized access in transit as well as at rest.
  • Immediate backup protection: Quickly integrates with existing backup systems and processes.
  • Proven encryption: Using OpenPGP standard encryption ensures backups will be accessible in the future.
  • Key splitting: Allows encryption keys to be separated into shares that can be used only when a designated number are assembled, as recommended by PCI.
  • Self-Decrypting Archives: Enables partners running server platforms without PGP Command Line to receive files as self-extracting executables they decrypt using a pass phrase.
  • Additional Decryption Key (ADK): ADK use and enforcement guarantees organizations the ability to access secured information as permitted by corporate policy.  

For systems administrators, PGP Command Line 9.0 for IBM zSeries offers: 

  • Ease of integration: Support for standard scripting languages provides a simple path for integration of encryption into the existing batch-processing and backup infrastructure.
  • Simplified key management: Support for retrieving and updating of keys using existing PGP keyservers, PGP Universal™, and the PGP® Global Directory.
  • Key reconstruction: Guards users against losing their private key or forgetting their private key’s pass phrase by storing keys in protected form on a PGP Universal Server.
  • Secure file deletion: Prevents reconstruction of sensitive, unencrypted data. 

Using OpenPGP, an open standard, encrypted message format, PGP Command Line 9.0 for IBM zSeries interoperates across a wide range of applications and platforms. PGP Command Line 9.0 for IBM zSeries also is fully interoperable with the entire PGP Ecosystem, including PGP Universal and PGP® Desktop as well as the PGP Global Directory service. 

In the final analysis, PGP Command Line 9.0 for IBM zSeries from Patrick Townsend & Associates offers a supercharged, well-supported version of one of the industry’s most powerful and comprehensive Business Information Security solutions—a first for Linux on zSeries professionals.