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Ah, the December/January issue of zJournal … As we close 2006 and begin 2007, two thoughts come to mind.

Thought 1: 2006 has been an excellent year for z/VSE and its attending products with excellent performance, new hardware, new vendor software releases, and super stability.

Thought 2: 2007 will offer z/VSE users a new version/ release with new function, new capabilities and new vendor product releases to support the new z/VSE. In keeping with this thought comes the question, “When will it happen and where do I find more information?”

Magazines, including this one, often have an editorial calendar that charts a course for the year. Included here is a similar facility that we call the z/VSE “Event” calendar for 2007, which identifies the dates of significant events and happenings related to z/VSE for 2007. These dates include milestones, deadlines, events, and information publication dates that z/VSE users need to know.

February 28, 2007 and VSE/ESA 2.7

VSE/ESA Version/Release 2.7 reaches end of service on February 28, 2007. Hopefully, everyone has or will be on z/VSE 3.x by then or at least have a plan to be there within the near future. If you are planning to skip from VSE/ESA 2.7 to z/VSE 4, bypassing z/VSE 3, you will have a small 2.7 end of support window (see next topic). This is just something to be aware of, but certainly isn’t enough of a window to change your plans.

End of March 2007: z/VSE 4

Around the end of March, we hopefully will see the general availability of z/VSE 4. This date is a “guesstimation” on my part, based on prior history and typical z/VSE releases. To my knowledge, there’s no formal committed date for the next version of z/VSE. I haven’t heard anything from the early support program concerning z/VSE 4 either, so those non-disclosures must be working, and perhaps z/VSE 4 is working so well there’s nothing of concern to “leak.”

April 2007: z/VSE Futures

In the October/November column, we discussed z/VSE Futures and a way in which you can effect the facilities that will become available in z/VSE. As just a reminder, we will be collecting those ideas for the next several months. In April 2007, your ideas will be incorporated into a document that will be presented to the Futures Task Force and ultimately to the z/VSE development team.

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