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Two very important updated z/VSE publications were recently posted online. To obtain copies in PDF format, use the following Web links:

z/VSE Hints and Tips

A new version of the z/VSE Hints and Tips publication is an event we always look forward to. If you aren’t familiar with this publication, you should be. It always contains current and new information as well as current and new techniques that assist in managing a z/VSE system.

Information in the z/VSE Hints and Tips isn’t usually found in any other publication and is written in a very user-friendly, easily understood form. Yes, this is a recommendation. If you aren’t familiar with it, get it and read it. If you are familiar with it, be sure to get the latest version.

What’s new in this version? Well, nine chapters have been reworked with updates for z/VSE 4.3. In addition, three chapters have 12 totally new sections on various new features and functions of z/VSE and its components. And one chapter is new.

The new chapter is on four-digit device addresses. Some of the new information deals with VSAM SHOWCB enhancements, VSAM migration, LE/VSE download tools, LE/VSE-related service, problems maintaining LDAP user profiles, Fast Service Upgrade hints and tips, large dump handling, and other techniques needed to manage a z/VSE system.

Updates include information on problem determination and internal attention routine commands. In addition, this new version includes tips for the key functions and components of z/VSE, such as the Turbo Dispatcher, the Console, Job Control, the Librarian, VSE/POWER, VSE/VSAM, VSE/ICCF, REXX/VSE, the Language Environment, connectors, the VSE Health Checker, and others.

This has been a favorite publication of z/VSE users ever since it was first introduced more than two decades ago. I know this must sound like a sales pitch, but it isn’t intended that way. The z/VSE Hints and Tips is just a great publication and everyone could benefit from downloading the latest version.

Security on IBM z/VSE

Security on IBM z/VSE is an IBM Redbook that provides an overview of the security functionality provided with z/VSE. It’s an excellent place to start when trying to wrap your mind around what can be done with the standard, as-delivered security capabilities in z/VSE and its components.

This Redbook describes the implementation and configuration of z/VSE security components such as the Basic Security Manager (BSM), CICS security, TCP/IP security, single sign-on using Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), and connector security. It also discusses cryptography, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), and many other security capabilities available with z/VSE.

This isn’t a new publication, but there’s a new version available for download. The new version includes information about security enhancements in z/VSE V4R3 and setup information for SSL and Keyman/VSE.

User security and data security are especially hot topics today with many users implementing Web and remote access to their systems. The updated information on SSL, Keyman/VSE, and security enhancements is a timely and valuable addition. For those of you who have users with many security-related questions, this latest version is a great starting point to look for those answers.

WAVV 2012 is quickly approaching. The agenda, abstracts, and registration forms are posted at We hope you’re making plans to attend this year’s event, which is being held April 13 - 17 in Covington, KY.

Thanks for reading the column; see you all in the next issue and at WAVV 2012.