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Pete Clark on z/VSE: z/VSE Future

This issue’s column is a little different from my usual format, as it won’t deal with any current or past z/VSE facilities or issues. Rather, we will discuss the future needs of the complete z/VSE system from the user perspective and solicit input from you, the readers.

Are you wondering what’s going on? Well, this is a request from me to you, to tell me what you need from the complete z/VSE system for the future, so I can incorporate your thoughts and ideas into a document that I would like to present to the WAVV Futures Project for their thoughtful consideration at WAVV 2007. Also, I would like to present the document to selected strategic z/VSE development groups. Those selected groups would likely be the ones responsible for delivering on the ideas you send me.

Please note this discussion includes z/VSE and every product and service associated with it, including, but not limited to, operating systems, vendor products, communications, hardware, development tools, transaction processors, etc., and anything you think is important to the complete and total z/VSE system.

Know no limits; let your imagination and the imagination of your entire company participate in the process. Please actively solicit ideas from everyone in your company and circle of acquaintances.

What I need from you, the user, is a clear, concise definition of what strategic facilities you need with the complete z/VSE system to meet your future needs. In other words, what are your emerging needs to support company information systems? Also, please indicate an implementation timetable that fits your needs.

I’m not looking for lists of WAVV requirements or IBM PASRs that you’ve already submitted, as those are already known. Those usually aren’t strategic facilities but are specific requests for functional improvements. Think longer range and more strategic; think new product, new facility, new direction. Think outside the box.

However, please don’t get so far out of the box that implementation is completely unreasonable or impossible. If in doubt, send your idea rather than discarding the thought. If it’s important to you, then it’s important to include in this collection of ideas.

Please don’t include ideas as a test of a vendor’s level of commitment to z/VSE . Features and functions must be related to actual legitimate z/VSE user needs and items that users will actually put to productive use.

Consider features and functions that will ensure continued and increased use of z/VSE , will help reduce the total cost of ownership, and will grow the z/VSE system and its product set. Consider what is currently under development or consideration at your site and what could be implemented to assist in making those projects possible, easier, more functional, and perform better. Consider projects that have been shelved because the facilities weren’t available, were deemed non-functional, or perhaps the technology was considered not “true industrial strength” or too costly.

Also consider strategic platform integration possibilities: what’s needed, what needs enhancing, and what should work together that perhaps doesn’t. Perhaps it works now but not very well, what would it take to fix it?

Next, summarize your ideas into one or more emails to me as your thoughts come together. There’s no need to rush; I would rather have a completed, thoughtful idea in a month than a collection of loose ideas today. There’s currently no deadline for email submissions, but please don’t put off developing your ideas.

When sending me an email, please let me know in the first sentence if you would prefer not to associate your name or company with the idea. Initially, the collection and incorporation of your ideas into a document will be a task I have assigned to myself. I may wish to contact you via email or phone for clarification, so please include contact info. If you request no contact, that will be honored.

I can’t in good conscience tell you that anything or everything you request will be delivered in a future product. I can tell you, however, that there’s significant interest in what z/VSE users perceive as future needs.

I suggest that we (z/VSE users) have an opportunity to make our voices heard. So please let me hear from you in a thoughtful, concise manner at

Thanks for reading the column; see you all in the next issue. Z