Operating Systems

z/VSE 5.1 has been available for order since late November 2011. The key building blocks for user exploitation of z/VSE 5.1—third-party vendor system and application software—are ready and available.

A quick survey of products reveals that most Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) have either a new release or a recommended maintenance level for their current release that supports z/VSE Version 5.1.

A Web search for VSE 5.1 will produce numerous references to product support matrixes with the information you need. Also available is an IBM Web page with references to all the ISVs and their current z/VSE 5.1 product status. That information is available at

For very early user information, search the VSE List archives for questions and issues with z/VSE 5.1 and its software components and products. There currently are only a few references to small issues. This shouldn’t surprise anyone. We’re very early in the release cycle, and with the improved quality, there are fewer issues to discover.

Also watch for user experience presentations in user groups and conferences later this year. There’s no direct consolidated user experience information available yet, but by May/June 2012 this will change.

One of the issues with a late in the year new software deliverable is that most users are focused on year-end processing, seasonal business increases, budget cycles, and planning for the new year. So what suffers? New or updated software implementations wait until time and load permits. But by the end of the first quarter of the new year, generally those issues have been handled and we begin focusing on what’s new. That’s where we are with z/VSE 5.1 now, so get ready for a z/VSE 5.1 information explosion in the coming months.

An excellent way to start absorbing the wealth of new information is to review the Live Virtual Class (LVC) hosted by Ingolf Salm of IBM Boeblingen on “64-Bit Virtual in z/VSE V5.1.” The original presentation was given in December 2011, but the PDF is posted at www.vm.ibm.com/education/lvc/LVC1214.pdf. Also, if you would like a refresher on z/VSE 5.1, review the LVC on z/VSE 5.1 hosted by Salm titled “z/VSE 5.1 Update.” The PDF of the November 2011 presentation is posted at www.vm.ibm.com/education/lvc/LVC1116.pdf. A live link to a replay of both classes and a description of each is available at www.vm.ibm.com/education/lvc/. In addition to helping bring you up to speed, these PDFs can serve as invaluable reference materials for future and repeated access.

You’ve ordered z/VSE 5.1, haven’t you? And you’re starting the install soon, right?

z/VSE 4.2 Service

Just a timely reminder that z/VSE 4.2 will go out of service on Oct. 31, 2012. So, z/VSE 4.3 and z/VSE 5.1 are the supported releases for 2013.


Another topic everyone should be investigating and implementing is TCP/IP Version 6 (IPv6) migration. Jeff Barnard of Barnard Software has addressed that topic in his article in this issue. With the actual exhaustion of IPv4 addresses in 2011, IPv6 becomes a real necessity now in 2012.
Barnard presents excellent, timely information that we all need to know.

Thanks for reading the column; see you all in the next issue.