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Pete Clark on z/VSE: z/VSE 4.3 Enhancements

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z/VSE 4.3 is almost here! Based on IBM’s statement of direction and information released with the latest IBM hardware announcement, my best guess is that it will be released in November or December.    

A very important reminder: CICS/VSE doesn’t ship with z/VSE 4.3; only CICS Transaction Server (TS) is shipped with z/VSE 4.3. Certainly everyone has made plans for this long-announced eventuality! 

News From z/VSE Development  

On July 22, when the new IBM zEnterprise System was presented to the public, there was a major preview of z/VSE 4.3. This preview described how z/VSE 4.3 will provide additional capacity by exploiting certain features of the IBM System z10 and zEnterprise 196.   

Hardware exploitation highlights: z/VSE 4.3 supports the following IBM System z servers: zEnterprise 196 (z196), z10 Enterprise Class (z10 EC), z10 Business Class (z10 BC), z9 Enterprise Class (z9 EC), z9 Business Class (z9 BC), and eServer zSeries 990, 890, 900, and 800.

z/VSE 4.3 supports and takes advantage of the new hardware in several ways. The ability to dynamically attach logical CPUs will allow additional CPU resources to be allocated to a z/VSE system without any processing interruption. CPUs not in use can be released from one z/VSE system for use by another z/VSE system.   

Large page (1MB page) support for data spaces speed access to data, thereby improving processor exploitation and performance. 

The fast path to Linux on System z (Linux Fast Path) allows selected TCP/IP IPv4 applications to communicate with the TCP/IP stack on Linux on System z without using the TCP/IP stack on z/VSE. Linux Fast Path requires that both z/VSE 4.3 and Linux run as z/VM guests on the same z/VM system. 

z/VSE 4.3 supports the Crypto Express3 card in both coprocessor and accelerator mode. The Crypto Express3 card is also supported with z/VSE 4.2 and PTF UD53485. 

z/VSE 4.3 will exploit TS7700 WORM volumes, but COPY EXPORT isn’t supported.   

2 Pages