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z/VSE 4.1 

If you haven’t visited the IBM z/VSE Website (http://www-03.ibm.com/servers/eserver/zseries/zvse/) lately, then it’s time to do so. There you will find the latest detail level information on the April IBM announcements for z/VSE, specifically z/VSE 4.1 and the z9 Enterprise and Business Class (BC) processors.

Three things caught my attention in the announcement:

z/Architecture mode: Support in z/VSE for the latest and greatest CPUs; z/VSE will be able to run native LPAR mode or under z/VM on the most advanced IBM hardware platform.
Processor storage up to 8GB: z/VSE customers on processors with more than 2GB real storage will be able to utilize the storage from 2 to 8GB with a single z/VSE system. Visions of more data in memory, instantaneous response times, and batch jobs that run in seconds all come to mind with 8GB real storage z/VSE systems.
LPAR-based, sub-capacity monitoring tool: The implication of having this monitoring tool on z/VSE 4.1 is support for z/VSE sub-capacity software pricing on the new z9 processors. It’s vision time again, but this time it’s having a CPU installed with two or three times the processor power I need in a normal month, but is just the right size for that end-of-year holiday rush.

In the past, the software pricing for every month would have been for full processor power. Now for 10 or 11 months of the year, software pricing will be at one-third full processor power, and for the one to two-month holiday rush actual utilization up to full power price.

Sure you must lease or purchase the larger hardware, but with sub-capacity software pricing, your software costs are in line with what’s actually being processed each month.

One thing that isn’t in the announcement is the delivery date, but that’s easy to surmise by revisiting prior z/VSE announcements to see when they were actually delivered. If z/VSE history repeats itself, z/VSE 4.1 should go into an early support program this fall and become generally available in April 2007.

Another probability, based on prior z/VSE announcements and deliveries, is that before z/VSE 4.1 becomes generally available, it may gain additional function that wasn’t in the original announcement. So, stay tuned and keep your ear to the ground for more information.

Time Command Information

My April/May z/Journal article, “It’s That ‘Time’ of Year” generated some questions, comments, and suggestions.

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