Pete Clark on z/VSE: z/VSE 4.1

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We have three very different issues to address in this issue. Space is limited, so I’m going to jump right in.


It’s no secret that IBM and Fundamental Software seem to have issues that affect users of the FLEX-ES S/390-zSeries emulator and z/VSE. If you’re unfamiliar with the known details of these issues, a simple search on the Internet will bring you up-to-date.

The fact that some user/developer usage contracts have expired and some requests for hardware upgrades have been denied also is no secret. But the fact that a contractual “discussion” between IBM and FSI has been allowed to affect developers and users in the real world of z/VSE causes me great concern.

Although I’ve read everything I could get my hands on concerning the “issues,” I don’t at this time believe that all the real issues are known by the z/VSE community, only to FSI and/or IBM. From the z/VSE community side, we would strongly suggest that IBM and FSI get its singular or collective act together, settle the issues, and announce to the community the results. When two vendors impact the very community they support seemingly because of internal issues, users have a right to expect them to straighten it out and get on with the business at hand—supplying and supporting users/developers.

The z/VSE marketplace is under enough pressure from outside sources, pundits, other platforms, etc., and shouldn’t be creating fear, uncertainty, and dread from within its own ranks.

IBM/FSI, time is up. A fair equitable solution with statements of direction is now due.

CA and z/VSE Rumors

During fourth quarter 2006, CA seemed to have undergone an internal reorganization of sorts. While there have been rumors as to what’s going on, it’s unclear if this was simply a reorganization, a redirection of resources, or a decision to exit a market.

The rumors indicate that CA is redirecting its resources (time, money, and personnel) toward areas other than z/VSE that it perceives to have a better return on investment. I actually have no quarrel with that, and as a business decision, it makes perfect sense.

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