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Starting with this issue, this column will include the latest news, hints, and tips directly from the z/VSE development team in Boeblingen, Germany. This information is supplied by the development team members and is in addition to the topics and issues typically addressed here.

We (z/Journal and myself) welcome this opportunity. We see this as a major enhancement in information flow, directly to the z/VSE user. Only time will tell, but we expect that information will reach the user faster, with improved focus and more concise detail.

Thanks in advance to the Boeblingen personnel for participating in this column and in z/Journal.

So, from now on, look for the “News From z/VSE Development” subtitle for the latest information, hints, and tips on z/VSE.


Although this isn’t really directly z/VSE-related, the economic situation has taken its toll on many z/VSE installations in the U.S., as well as the rest of the world.

It’s a known fact that z/VSE installations have the leanest, financially challenged budgets in the industry. In this economic downturn, many installations have curtailed expenditures in ways they wouldn’t have imagined just 18 months ago.

As most have surmised, it isn’t just your installation; it’s almost every business. You aren’t suffering alone, and you aren’t the only z/VSE site to reduce headcount, eliminate education, cancel and eliminate all travel, and cut costs in any manner possible. Many other companies are doing the same.

Many of you are making choices that are very difficult from a corporate as well as a personal standpoint. Survival of the business and planning for the recovery are important focus points. Keep that focus and do what you must.

There’s no magic bullet for this economic downturn, and even if there were, the cure would probably be worse than the disease. Our best wishes to you in hopes that you and your company will survive this financial meltdown and recover stronger than ever. Then, we can get back to the business at hand: supporting a company using z/VSE.

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