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Pete Clark on z/VSE: A z/VSE 4.1 User Experience

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z/VSE 4.1 became available in March 2007. Alabama Judicial Data Center (AJDC) was one of the first to install and enter production with z/VSE 4. Thanks to Mike Moore and Steve Stokes of AJDC for sharing their z/VSE 4 installation experiences with us this month.


Mike and Steve report that installation was fast, easy, and foolproof. No problems were encountered with a Fast Service Upgrade (FSU) or a Base Install (BI). Execution times were very quick; 60 minutes for the FSU and 20 minutes for the BI on a new z9 (500-plus MIPS) with Shark DASD.

Tailoring Again, Mike and Steve say this task was fast and easy. Since there’s only one supervisor (previous releases had two), no thought or selection was required. PNET (POWER Networking) and POWER generations are the same as prior releases; just be sure to perform them, if needed.

Mike cautions that you load Standard Labels only once during the FSU, so be sure they reflect your updates.

Other products shipped with z/VSE installed and worked fine without any changes.

Maintenance and Support Information

The only problem AJDC encountered was a third-party software interface issue. This problem was resolved by installing the latest IBM PSP suggested maintenance. Therefore, ordering and implementing the latest PSP bucket prior to install should remain a must-do, high-priority item.

As always, check with all your third-party software vendors to see what release levels and maintenance are required to support operation on z/VSE 4. Some small fixes may be required, depending upon which software products you have.

z/VSE New Feature Implementation

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