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Pete Clark on VSE: z/VSE Lite Reading Material

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WAVV 2005 was full of information on z/VSE. In fact, IBM and its user base answered numerous attendee questions pertaining to z/VSE, and discussed reports via a user forum from attendees who have had some preliminary experiences with z/VSE. Session handouts from WAVV will be available on the WAVV Website in a couple of weeks.

VSE 40th

Speaking of WAVV, IBM, VSE vendors and approximately 300 of our closest friends just celebrated the 40th anniversary of VSE in Colorado Springs, May 20 - 24. It’s impossible to adequately convey the excitement, pride, joy, fun, and friendship that we experienced. This was absolutely the best WAVV ever. If you missed it, talk to someone who was there and perhaps they can convey the spirit of the event.

WAVV and IBM sponsored a special SPLASH event on Saturday night, with honored guests, special presentations, photos, a 40th anniversary cake, and a video. Special guest speakers included Justin McMurry, Thurman Pylant, Klaus Goebel, Jerry Johnston, Bernd Schimmile, and z/Journal Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Bob Thomas. Included in the video presentation was a tribute to Ben Moyle.

On Sunday night, WAVV and T3 Technologies continued the 40th celebration with food and a cake at SPLASH.

Barnard Software honored the VSE 40th with a special issue pin; Connectivity Systems supplied attendees with a custom backpack; and WAVV issued a special 40th anniversary shirt.

In the coming weeks, the more than 300 pictures taken at WAVV 2005 will be made available on the Website so everyone can see them. I will post more information on this in the next issue.

Everyone had an absolutely great time; sorry that some missed it.

For my next column, I expect to have several z/VSE user experiences to share. If you have installed z/VSE or will install it prior to July 15, let me hear from you about your experience at pclark@cprsystems.com.

Thanks for reading the column and good luck with z/VSE.

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